Why monitor your IT system?

Reduce downtime
Alerting, reporting, trending, and capacity planning reduce downtimes

User experience
Understand the end-user experience and how issues may impact them before they have to report

Infrastructure health
Monitoring your applications, servers, network devices, and databases reduces time to identify and fix issues

Bringing all alerts into one location allows for correlations and root causes to be determined quickly

Repeated issues with known resolutions can be automated to free up your operations team for more complex tasks

Monitoring support from JDS

Application performance management
In an increasingly digital era, APM suites are becoming critical for a reliable and risk-free enterprise IT landscapes. Ensure application performance and user satisfaction by proactively monitoring applications.

Operations analytics
By harnessing machine intelligence, learning algorithms, and the input of subject matter experts, operations analytics can help your IT operations team identify a root cause in minutes.

Real-user monitoring
Measure the true experience of all of your users, all the time and in all locations. Determine how well a business service is being delivered to customers with end-user experience monitoring.

Network monitoring
With the resiliency of today’s IP networks, fault and availability management is not enough. Protect your organisation from poor network performance and rendering organisational services unavailable.

Event management and correlation
Consolidate IT event management activities into a single pane of glass that reduces duplication of effort, allows quick identification of the causes of IT incidents, and decreases the time it takes to rectify IT issues.

Infrastructure monitoring
Reliably deliver performance across today’s complex, multi-technology network infrastructure with infrastructure management solutions.

Why choose JDS?

JDS is a leading IT solutions provider and systems integrator, with expertise across industry-leading tools such as ServiceNow, Splunk, AppDynamics, Micro Focus, SAP, PagerDuty, and more. JDS provides local, skilled, and responsive services to support IT projects and operations.

Bringing together expert services, the latest technology, and best practices, we achieve improved IT outcomes for businesses. We do this by giving independent advice, providing training and ongoing support, and implementing IT testing, monitoring, and management solutions.

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