You face a number of business innovation challenges today

Businesses now have more data and less information, and face increase in volume, source, and complexity of event and performance data. Through event management and correlation, you can consolidate IT event management activities into a single pane of glass that reduces duplication of effort, allows quick identification of the causes of IT incidents, and decreases the time it takes to rectify IT issues addressing these innovation challenges.

IT operations transformed

Dynamically and automatically discover and correlate event data that indicates infrastructure or service-impacting issues, topology data that ties the IT infrastructure to business services, and metrics that describe the availability and performance of the business service and its dependencies. Gain comprehensive insight when monitoring and managing business services.

Why do event management and correlation?

Increase operational efficiency

Increase operational efficiency and lower costs through a single platform for enterprise events

Reduce outages

Focus on outage avoidance through predictive root cause

Minimise service disruptions

Reduce service disruptions through predictive correlation and dynamic prioritisation of events

Reduce MTTR

Reduction in mean time to repair (MTTR) and increased service level compliance

Value add

Automating ITIL processes and workflows across your enterprise monitoring allows you to redirect your resources

JDS capabilities with event management and correlation

Advice and enterprise strategy development

Learn the event management and event correlation strategies that are most appropriate for your business. JDS can help your business develop event management and event correlation strategies, as well as achievable implementation road maps. We assist with strategies for the common internal challenges you may have in terms of appropriate ownership, roles and responsibilities, and appropriate implementation staging.

Enhancing existing software investments

Our practical approach to event management takes your existing investment in monitoring solutions and budget into consideration when determining the most appropriate solution. This could mean integration and/or replacement of monitoring solutions to meet your future requirements. JDS consultants are experts in both SBEC (stream-based event correlation ) and TBEC (topology-based event correlation) implementations.

Guidance for IT services on-prem/cloud/in transition

Find appropriate and cost-effective event management and correlation solutions whether your IT services are provisioned on-premise, hybrid, or pure cloud platforms. In the middle of a transition? JDS can provide guidance on appropriate and achievable changes to event management and correlation solutions.

Event management and correlation professional services

JDS specialises in providing event management solutions for businesses, big and small. We assist customers wishing to implement centralised event management and correlation solutions (often to centralise the distributed and disconnected monitoring “point” solution data that exists) to reduce event noise, enhance cross-team visibility for improvement of incident or problem analysis, and reduce duplication of effort across teams.

Broad integration and enterprise system knowledge

JDS assists customers with the implementation and/or maintenance of their infrastructure monitoring across a broad range of monitoring tool sets. We are proud partners with the top enterprise system providers, with specialist engineers working across our offices in Australia. We are skilled with monitoring solutions provided by Micro Focus (formerly HPE Software), CA, Splunk, AppDynamics, VMWare, IT Operations Management Tools, and open-source monitoring tools.

Event management and correlation as a service

For businesses who do not wish to implement, maintain, or license their own event management and monitoring solutions, JDS can provide enterprise event management and correlation as a service. This can be hosted either externally or internally, depending on the customer requirements, and can integrate with your existing ITSM systems or be a full enterprise event management system provided to the customer by JDS as a service.

Why choose JDS?

JDS is a leading IT solutions provider and systems integrator, with expertise across industry-leading tools such as ServiceNow, Splunk, AppDynamics, Micro Focus, SAP, PagerDuty, and more. JDS provides local, skilled, and responsive services to support IT projects and operations.

Bringing together expert services, the latest technology, and best practices, we achieve improved IT outcomes for businesses. We do this by giving independent advice, providing training and ongoing support, and implementing IT testing, monitoring, and management solutions.

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