Infrastructure Monitoring

Infrastructure monitoring complements IT service level monitoring by providing preventative monitoring solutions that detect events before they become service impacting and/or assist with faster root-cause analysis when service impacting incidents do occur.

Proactively manage your IT environment

Leverage intuitive, unified monitoring solutions for monitoring and managing your most critical IT services across your virtual, physical, cloud, and big data environments. IT teams can proactively manage the performance and availability of applications and the specific infrastructure elements upon which they rely.

Gain flexibility, scalability, and efficiency

Reliably deliver performance across today’s complex, multi-technology network infrastructure with infrastructure management solutions. You’ll have the flexibility, scalability and efficiency you need to get ahead of the competition while improving the customer experience.

Why do infrastructure monitoring?

End-user experience

Improved end-user experience and customer satisfaction levels

Reduce outages

Drastically decrease mean time to repair of service outages

Decrease costs

Decrease expense and effort associated with maintaining multiple platforms

Pinpoint bottlenecks

Quickly isolate issues within a business context and identify bottlenecks

Early warnings

Predictive analytics for early warning into application performance

JDS capabilities with infrastructure monitoring

Guidance for on-premise systems

JDS can provide best practice advice on what should be monitored at an infrastructure level and the most cost-effective way to implement this. We work with individual customers to understand their requirements and implement infrastructure monitoring solutions that find the appropriate balance between the effort (implementation and maintenance effort) and effective infrastructure monitoring coverage.

Guidance for cloud-based systems

For organisations that levage IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), use private cloud, or in some cases wish to maximise their visibility of Azure or AWS services, JDS provides best practice advice on appropriate levels of infrastructure monitoring and the most cost-effective ways of achieving this (such as leveraging cloud service provider APIs or inbuilt monitoring services.

Infrastructure monitoring professional services

JDS assists customers with the implementation and/or maintenance of their infrastructure monitoring across a broad range of monitoring tool sets. This includes monitoring solutions provided by Micro Focus (formerly HPE Software), CA, Splunk, AppDynamics, VMWare, IT Operations Management Tools, and open source monitoring tools.

Infrastructure monitoring as a service

For customers who do not wish to implement, maintain, or license their own infrastructure monitoring solutions, JDS provides infrastructure monitoring as a service. This can be hosted either externally or internally depending on the customer requirements. This service can integrate with a customer’s existing enterprise event management systems or be part of a full enterprise event management system provided to the customer by JDS as a service.

Customer capability uplift

JDS can provide training and mentoring services for customers wishing to uplift the monitoring knowledge and capabilities of their internal teams. This will ensure your team is able to carry on your business’s infrastructure monitoring services after the JDS implementation is concluded.

Why choose JDS?

At JDS, our purpose is to ensure your IT systems work wherever, however, and whenever they are needed. Our expert consultants will help you identify current or potential business issues, and then develop customised solutions to suit you.

JDS is different from other providers in the market. We offer 24/7 monitoring capabilities and support throughout the entire application lifecycle. We give your IT Operations team visibility into the health of your IT systems, enabling them to identify and resolve issues quickly.

We are passionate about what we do, working seamlessly with you to ensure you are getting the best possible performance from your environment. All products sold by JDS are backed by our local Tier One support desk, ensuring a stress-free solution for the entire product lifecycle.

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