Network Monitoring

Protect your organisation from poor network performance that could render your organisational services unavailable.

Maintain network uptime and essential business enablers

In the internet era, IP networks and hosted applications, including those on virtualised servers, have become essential business enablers. For example, today’s networks support end-user communication services, such as email and IP telephony, in addition to revenue-generating transactions. Due to this strategic reliance on networks, companies cannot afford network downtime.

Avoid network performance issues to your business

With the resiliency of today’s IP networks, fault and availability management is not enough. Network performance problems are just as likely to affect a business. Therefore, an effective management solution should incorporate network performance management—and how you incorporate it into your solution is equally critical.

Why do network monitoring?

Network availability

Increase network availability with performance management capabilities

Reduce MTTR

Reduce mean time to repair (MTTR) with intelligent automation features

Operational efficiency

Increase operational efficiency by standardising on a unified management console

Lower TCO

Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) through continuous discovery processes

Improve FTE efficiency

Increase staff productivity and efficiency with intelligent automation

Network monitoring from JDS

End-to-end monitoring

JDS can combine end user experience and infrastructure monitoring data into service level management by tracing customer transactions across tiers. This data can be displayed in audience appropriate dashboards and reports.

End-user experience monitoring

JDS can provide top-down monitoring of actual customer sessions with key metrics such as performance, latency, volume, or session data. Synthetic referencing transactions can also be executed to monitor consistency, availability, and trends.

Ongoing BAU monitoring

JDS can tune and configure APM solutions for ongoing "business as usual" monitoring of your business critical applications.

Triage and diagnosis

Easily triage and diagnose problems by understanding the correlation of application performance to the rest of the environment.

Dashboard/single pane of glass

Implementation of single pane of glass dashboard displaying performance and utilisation metrics to relevant stakeholders. Better decisions can be made when based on better information.

Mature SLA management

JDS can effectively manage SLA obligations helping avoid penalties and internal resources need to be able to work off timely and accurate information, prioritised according to what services relate to which customers, and the associated promised service level.

Why choose JDS?

At JDS, our purpose is to ensure your IT systems work wherever, however, and whenever they are needed. Our expert consultants will help you identify current or potential business issues, and then develop customised solutions to suit you.

JDS is different from other providers in the market. We offer 24/7 monitoring capabilities and support throughout the entire application lifecycle. We give your IT Operations team visibility into the health of your IT systems, enabling them to identify and resolve issues quickly.

We are passionate about what we do, working seamlessly with you to ensure you are getting the best possible performance from your environment. All products sold by JDS are backed by our local Tier One support desk, ensuring a stress-free solution for the entire product lifecycle.