What is security testing?

Security testing, also known as penetration or vulnerability testing, actively assesses software applications for security weaknesses.  Such weaknesses may exist within the application’s code, configuration, or design, and allow the application to be exploited in a manner that will allow third parties to extract confidential and proprietary information.  

Application security testing is vital to good security practice, as it allows businesses to take control of their risks by identifying and reducing security concerns.  It provides the confidence that your organisational data is safe, and that your clients are protected in turn.

How does it work?

JDS provides an application security testing service that assesses your application’s controls, provides recommendations to remediate identified issues, and removes factors that could aid an attack upon your business.   We provide security testing for applications and environments specialising in web, mobile, and cloud applications.

JDS provides our security testing clients with reports containing both technical definitions of the security issues located and, importantly, the high-level business context for the vulnerability.  This includes scenario modelling in easily digestible language, enabling your business to make appropriate and timely business decisions and reduce your organisational risk profile.

A rigorous approach

JDS adopts the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) methodology for application security testing. This ensures all web, mobile, and cloud applications undergo a comprehensive assessment. All the findings and recommendations are made simple for organisations to digest and make informed decisions through the use of abuse cases, risk ratings, live exploit demonstrations, issue representation, and developer education.