Test IT

JDS wants your IT projects to be successful. We test your systems to ensure they support the expected volumes of traffic, that individual transactions will perform within expectations, and that your application is safe from known security vulnerabilities and hacking attempts.

Make your digital transformation a success

Businesses across Australia are on the digital transformation path and while it can be tempting to let quality slip, you can’t afford to do so when it comes to your IT. In fact, we think highly functioning and healthy IT systems are at the heart of your success.

Let us do the “tech stuff”

One of our top priorities is helping people transition into the increasingly technological world. We do this by ensuring your business can continuously test the quality (functional, performance, and security) of apps and improve them using our insights. We enable you to deliver apps at speed without compromising quality, achieving business requirements and increasing velocity of delivery using our test service.

Why test your software or system?

Lower costs

Increase test automation and integrate quality—all while lowering costs

User experience

Drive the reliability and usability of apps by identifying bugs/failures before you “go live”

Increase ROI

Redirect your valuable in-house resources and get the product to market faster

Privacy and security

Ensure your data remains private by revealing any flaws or gaps in security


Make sure that complex integrations work with other existing legacy systems

Testing support from JDS

Performance testing

Optimise the performance and availability of your business-critical applications with JDS. We conduct a variety of performance testing and also offer strategic advice on establishing sophisticated performance testing centres of excellence.

Test management

Standardise testing, engineer for performance, and fix defects to optimise quality, reduce costs, and deliver applications fast. We help ensure applications function as expected, perform even under variable consumption loads, and meet designated security levels.

Automated testing

Automated testing is an ideal way to increase the productivity of your testing teams by automating your time-consuming manual regression test cases. This is an imperative when trying to meet the increasing demands of the broader IT community.

Mobile testing

Ensure the success of your mobile app with mobile testing and monitoring. JDS can record test scripts directly from your mobile device or on your test station and exercise on real devices.

Security analysis

Security poses a major threat for modern businesses, as it has privacy, financial, operational, and reputational implications. Information security is necessary to protect against the threat of breach or infiltration—and JDS’ team of security testing experts are here to help.

Why choose JDS?

At JDS, our purpose is to ensure your IT systems work wherever, however, and whenever they are needed. Our expert consultants will help you identify current or potential business issues, and then develop customised solutions to suit you.

JDS is different from other providers in the market. We offer 24/7 monitoring capabilities and support throughout the entire application lifecycle. We test the performance and security of your IT projects to give you the confidence that your projects are fit to ‘go live’.

We are passionate about what we do, working seamlessly with you to ensure you are getting the best possible performance from your environment.

JDS tests solutions based on leading enterprise platforms including (but not limited to):

  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • SharePoint
  • Citrix
  • ServiceNow

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