Automated Testing

JDS makes automated testing more efficient and helps developers and testers collaborate.

Test early, test often, test continuously

This is the mantra for today’s rapidly delivered modern applications. Rapidly automate the functional testing of transactions that span multiple application layers in a solution that ties manual, automated, and framework-based testing together. Slash the cost and complexity of the testing process while driving in continuous application quality.

Manage your automated test cases

Automated testing is an ideal way to increase the productivity of your testing teams by automating your time-consuming manual regression test cases. With the growing trend of software development towards more agile methodologies, automated testing is an imperative when trying to meet the increasing demands of the broader IT community within organisation, the business, and key stakeholders.

Why do automated testing?

Drive efficiency
Automate repetitive, time-consuming tests to free up your time to focus on other business-critical tasks

Increase consistency
Perform different types of testing efficiently and effectively to ensure consistent performance

Improve accuracy
Automated tests perform the same steps precisely every time to ensure reliable, accurate results

Lower costs
Reduce the time to run repetitive tests, saving your business time and money

Increase coverage
Automated testing can simulate tens, hundreds, or thousands of virtual users, which helps you plan for a variety of scenarios

JDS automated testing capabilities

Full solution focused on long-term results
With years of experience in the automated testing space, JDS is able to find an efficient and suitable solution for automated regression testing. Automated testing aims for a long-term solution, which requires proper and clear strategic planning prior to even creating the automated scripts—and we have the skills to help you do it.

HPE Unified Functional Testing
HPE Unified Functional Testing is the preferred solution for automated testing at JDS, and we are leaders in the market for this type of testing. With the vast amount of libraries available for object identification, HPE UFT offers a wide range of coverage compared to other solutions in the market. 

HPE UFT with Application Lifecycle Management
With ALM being the leader in test management and test repository, pairing it with HPE UFT unleashes many superior benefits when it comes to automated testing. Through our support, you will be able to schedule test executions, test traceability, and manage test coverage during the testing SDLC.

Test planning and support
JDS will take care of the entire automated testing phase. This starts from initial planning through to script development and support once the automated testing has been implemented. We also provide training so you can have in-house expertise in running the automated test execution.

Automated frameworks
Ensuring longevity and flexibility is key when developing and implementing automation frameworks. JDS's experience ensures that frameworks will continue to provide value with minimal effort as your product matures and evolves.​

Why choose JDS?

JDS tests solutions based on leading enterprise platforms including SAP, Oracle e-Business Suite, SharePoint, Citrix, and ServiceNow.

We have nearly 15 years of experience optimising performance and availability for a wide range of Australian businesses using a variety of industry-leading tools. With strong domain expertise and experience in application performance, operations monitoring, and managed services, JDS is the partner of choice for trusted IT solutions and services to leading Australian organisations.

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