Mobile Testing

Ensure the success of your mobile app with mobile testing and monitoring.

Master the mobile app era

Users expect mobile apps to be valuable, elegant, and useful—among other things. User experience is emotional and driven by how users think, perceive, and feel. Most importantly, users expect mobile apps to work seamlessly, regardless of their choice of technology, their location, or context. A good user experience is essential to achieving business goals, whether it is transforming customers’ experience, increasing workforce productivity, or growing revenues.

Plan, run, and scale mobile performance testing

Solve the mobile performance-testing problem by providing insight into how an application will perform under a geographically dispersed load. JDS can record test scripts directly from your mobile device or on your test station and exercise on real devices. As a result, you can design, develop, and execute performance load tests, identify bottlenecks, determine system capacities, and measure the real-user experience earlier and more often in the development test cycle.

Why do mobile testing?

Shorten test cycles
Shorten mobile application test cycles and accelerate time to market

Leverage skills and assets
Leverage your skills, development language, framework, and test assets

User experience
Measure performance and availability of your mobile apps

Pinpoint bottlenecks
Quickly isolate issues within a business context and identify bottlenecks

Enable automation
Enable full automation on multiple apps, including system apps

Mobile testing capabilities of JDS

Automated functional testing
Test a variety of real users and devices to provide consistent quality of mobile apps across a range of operating systems, devices, networks, locations, and hardware.

New OS impact testing
Each new OS release brings new features that are driving a range of new testing requirements. Prepare mobile apps for potential issues following updates of major mobile operating systems.

Network and connectivity testing
Determine overall network conditions and resolve app performance, latency, and quality without the need to utilise a real-world network environment.

Active monitoring
Real-time, end-user monitoring provides visibility into end-user experience 24/7, across all users from all locations.

Performance and user experience testing
Evaluate how a mobile app performs under different amounts of users, load, and network conditions as well as overall integration, functionality, and operability with real and emulated users.

Application monitoring
Optimise the end-to-end performance of mobile apps and websites across devices, mobile operating systems, application versions, carrier networks, databases, and servers.

Why choose JDS?

JDS tests solutions based on leading enterprise platforms including SAP, Oracle e-Business Suite, SharePoint, Citrix, and ServiceNow.

We have nearly 15 years of experience optimising performance and availability for a wide range of Australian businesses using a variety of industry-leading tools. With strong domain expertise and experience in application performance, operations monitoring, and managed services, JDS is the partner of choice for trusted IT solutions and services to leading Australian organisations.

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