Can you meet your application performance challenges?

Today, it’s a challenge to keep your mission-critical applications at peak performance and scalability levels as defined by the business. You need an effective way to predict system behaviour and performance under realistic stress conditions. In addition, when issues or bottlenecks occur, you need a quick way to diagnose the root cause and fix the problem.

A framework for better application performance.

Better application performance begins with an integrated framework for managing performance across the application lifecycle. This cyclical framework spans from the definition of business requirements to post-production refinements of your application. JDS can help you test, analyse, and validate your IT performance while mitigating the risks associated with application changes, deployments, and upgrades.

Why do performance testing?

Accelerate delivery
Shorten test cycles to accelerate delivery of high-quality applications

Lower asset costs
Lower hardware and software costs by accurately predicting system capacity

Decrease risk
Decrease the risk of deploying systems that do not meet performance requirements

Pinpoint bottlenecks
Pinpoint end-user, system-level, and code-level bottlenecks in a quick and easy manner

Reduce cost of defects
Reduce the cost of defects by allowing early testing in the development cycle

JDS performance testing capabilities

Performance testing consulting and advice

Tap into JDS’s wealth of domain expertise in the field of performance testing. We can provide strategic advice on establishing and managing large, sophisticated performance testing centres of excellence, in addition to assisting with technology selection or completing performance test engagements.

Enterprise grade performance testing with Micro Focus LoadRunner

Micro Focus LoadRunner is the preferred solution when you need the confidence of the industry-leading toolkit for large-scale performance testing across a wide variety of protocols.

AppDynamics with LoadRunner

While AppDynamics is most commonly used by IT Operations, a large number of organisations have been using AppDynamics within performance engineering practices. AppDynamics has features and functions which not only help production deployments, but also add new visibility and analytics for those doing performance engineering.

External load generator rental

For externally facing applications such as CRM systems and websites, it is highly desirable to conduct performance tests from the outside world and to exercise the entire end-to-end infrastructure. JDS provides access to its external load generation farm with the capacity to drive loads in excess of 10,000 external current users.

Performance testing of ERP/CRM solutions

JDS has significant experience performance testing ERP and CRM solutions such as SAP, Oracle eBusiness, Siebel, and PeopleSoft. These are large and complex solutions that require significant expertise to test effectively—expertise that JDS consultants work hard to maintain.

External performance testing services

With this complete package, JDS will take care of the entire performance testing effort using our software and external load generators. If you don’t have the time, resources, or skills to set up and run your own performance tests, let JDS take care of the details and deliver you the results.

Why choose JDS?

JDS tests solutions based on leading enterprise platforms including SAP, Oracle e-Business Suite, SharePoint, Citrix, and ServiceNow.

We have nearly 15 years of experience optimising performance and availability for a wide range of Australian businesses using a variety of industry-leading tools. With strong domain expertise and experience in application performance, operations monitoring, and managed services, JDS is the partner of choice for trusted IT solutions and services to leading Australian organisations.

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