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Since it was established in 2003, JDS has worked with nine of Australia's ten largest businesses across a range of industries. We understand that issues affect industries in different ways, and customise our approach to suit. Learn about our expertise in your area and the ways in which we can help you and your business.

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Case Study: ServiceNow Agile application development for Tabcorp

ServiceNow’s Time and Attendance application streamlines many of Tabcorp’s processes when it comes to managing employees’ schedules and time recording, allowing employees to handle many of these tasks on their own in an easy-to-use portal. JDS have displayed exceptional agility in assisting Tabcorp TFS to build, test, and implement a

Case Study: Netwealth bolster their security with Splunk

Netwealth, an Australian superannuation and investment company, implemented Splunk as an SIEM-compliant monitoring tool to bolster their information security. The project was certainly a success, and Splunk is working well in our environment. We see a number of opportunities to use Splunk in other use-cases across the business. June 2017 The prompt and decision “AsContinue reading →

Using Splunk and Active Robot Monitoring to resolve website issues

Recently, one of JDS’ clients reached out for assistance, as they were experiencing inconsistent website performance. They had just moved to a new platform, and were receiving alerts about unexpectedly slow response times, as well as intermittent logon errors. They were concerned that, were the reports accurate, this would have

Case Study: Australian Red Cross Blood Service enhances critical application performance

Combining Application Lifecycle Management best practices and Application Performance Management to support delivery of vital blood products to the Australian healthcare system Thanks to HP and JDS, we’ve realised the full advantages of adopting a lifecycle management approach to managing our applications – from pre-production through to go-live and retirement.

Case Study: Flash Group optimises performance of the Global Corporate Challenge Website

HP LoadRunner ensures performance and availability of Global Corporate Challenge’s website HP LoadRunner software takes the guesswork out of the GCC website’s development. It provides confidence that the application will work as intended and it gives us the data we need to support our decisions. August 2010 In 2009, Flash

Case Study: Bendigo Bank delivers a higher quality customer experience with HP

A quality and performance assurance process optimises the next-generation CRM system at Bendigo Bank. HP has helped Bendigo Bank set the benchmark for ensuring our mission critical applications are high in quality and give the best performance to support our users in delivering excellent products and services. June 2011 Bendigo

Case Study: CitiPower and Powercor take action to ensure quality

CitiPower and Powercor implement HP Quality Center to enhance the delivery of high-quality applications Put simply, JDS keeps the testing technology working so that other critical applications continue to be highly available with minimal defects. We would not have achieved the results without them. December 2012 “Technology underpins the ability

Case Study: Superpartners optimises IT operations with HP and JDS

One of Australia’s largest superannuation administrators, Superpartners, uses HP Business Availability Center to try and optimise the availability, performance and effectiveness of its business services and applications. HP Business Availability Center has assisted us to see the actual performance of our systems as experienced by our customers. It provides us

JDS is now a CAUDIT Splunk Provider

Splunk Enterprise provides universities with a fast, easy and resilient way to collect, analyse and secure the streams of machine data generated by their IT systems and infrastructure.  JDS, as one of Australia’s leading Splunk experts, has a tradition of excellence in ensuring higher education institutions have solutions that maximise the performance and availability ofContinue reading →