Support Stories Part 1: JDS provides local and efficient support in Australia

In addition to exceptional professional services and IT implementation, JDS provides both temporary and ongoing support for our clients. Our team of local, specialist support consultants ensures that clients receive fast issue resolution or assistance raising a ticket with vendors if issues cannot be immediately resolved in-house. However, we are proud to resolve more than half of the calls regarding system or software issues without needing to escalate to the vendor, and many incidents are resolved in the first phone call.

Over the years, our support team has provided assistance to hundreds of clients. In Part 1 of this two-part case study, members of the support team recall issues they have helped to resolve or new processes they have introduced to make life easier for in-house support teams.

Automation Case Study

JDS was engaged by a client, a government business enterprise who is known as the leader of reusable energy in Australia, to provide on-demand support for the automation of its IT operations. One of the requirements fulfilled was to automate the process for a particular type of service request, which processes emails sent to ServiceNow and automates the assignment of service providers and assignment groups.

This allows the team responsible for the delivery of the service to free up their capacity from manual administrative tasks such as going through emails and manually assigning jobs to relevant parties.

The solution JDS support delivered uses an Inbound Email Action to handle the key words identified in the subject of the incoming emails and automates the process of placing a Service Catalog order, which then triggers the workflow to automate the assignment of relevant service groups according to pre-defined criteria.

Using the latest best practice development methodologies, JDS was able to deliver this in only seven billable support hours. Along with efficiency, the implementation was delivered with:

  • ServiceNow platform best practice
  • Use of Agile methodology
  • Emphasis on clean code

Service Manager Case Study

As part of an ongoing support arrangement with a Queensland Government Organisation (QGO), JDS supported the on-premises HP Service Manager 9.4x instance. Over an extended period of time, several issues arose which were marked as resolved in the newer version, so it was deemed advisable to upgrade to the 9.50 version of the product. However, the QGO had previously had bad experiences with SM upgrades due to unforeseen compatibility issues and other problems, which had forced some upgrades to be rolled back or left in an incomplete state.

Since the issues were not going to be resolved in the existing version, the JDS support team collated a list of the existing tickets which were to be fixed in 9.50 and undertook a project to complete the upgrade on our own test environment and find any problems before beginning work on the client environment.

We took a copy of our existing Service Manager test instance and began making modifications to reproduce the QGO’s environment as closely as possible. The first phase involved testing to make sure that each issue was reproduced in our test environment and produced the expected results. After this, we began the upgrade process and documented any difficulties we encountered, then applied the appropriate patches and went through our testing process again.

By running through this upgrade in our test environment, we were able to ensure a smooth upgrade for our customer and be ready with solutions already planned out for any hiccups along the way. We were also able to independently verify that each reported issue was resolved with the new version so that we could manage customer expectations and have full confidence in our recommendations.

Get supported

Are you looking for temporary or ongoing support for your environment? JDS provides a range of support packages and plans to suit the needs of a variety of businesses. Find out more by viewing our support page or email us at [email protected] with your enquiry. If you are a current JDS customer, you can get in touch directly with your account manager to find out what support solutions would benefit you.

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