JDS Support

Why get support?

Meeting the best practice standards for IT management and system monitoring is a time-consuming, exhaustive process. On a given day, the IT team within a business may be tasked with:

  • Product Support
  • Licensing
  • Onboarding/Offboarding
  • Product upgrades
  • EOL Support
  • Small enhancements
  • Product administration

With the assistance of an expert support team, these tasks can be taken care of externally, freeing up your internal resources to be innovative and develop new solutions for your business.

Why get external support?

Save time
Ease the burden of repetitive tasks so your team can focus on business services

Enhance capability
Leverage the knowledge of expert consultants to build new skills in your team

Increase visibility
Get a significant increase in visibility across all your IT services

Find issues
Use a fresh perspective to find areas for improvement

Acquire expertise
Benefit from the niche capabilities of a specialist consultant

Support capabilities from JDS

Product support
ServiceNow, Splunk, Micro Focus, and AppDynamics specialists analyse and troubleshoot your issues quickly and effectively, leveraging their years of experience across a wide range of products and solutions.

Quick issue escalation
If an issue needs to be escalated to the vendor, JDS liaises directly with their engineers and take any issues from initial report through to resolution quickly and without hassle.

Licensing and product upgrades
Our support team audits and creates new or replacement licenses for products from vendors, as well as providing the most up-to-date software.

Small enhancements
Tap into our resource of certified administrators and technicians who can help you expand the already impressive functionality of your enterprise platforms.

Product administration
In addition to hands-on support, our team provides best practice advice. Benefit from years of experience with technicians who have rolled out these products at numerous organisations.

When it comes to HP QC, JDS keeps the lights switched on.  We simply don’t have to worry about HP QC not being available or operational.  JDS ensures that we are aware of product developments, new features and functions, and that our system is kept healthy. I know that any time I call them, they can answer my questions.  Our HP QC users have aggressive targets, and using JDS as support means that we can keep our users happy.

Selecting a high-performing tool such as HP QC was the first step.  But having a skilled group of testing and monitoring consultants behind us makes all the difference.  Put simply, JDS keeps the testing technology working so that our other critical applications can continue to be highly available with minimal defects.  We would not have achieved the results without them.

JDS Support has provided outstanding service levels.  In the past three years, 60% of all support calls have been resolved instantly, and the rest within days.  I can have skilled technicians on-site quickly if I need, and can access a large pool of expertise for trouble shooting.  With JDS, the Quality Assurance Team has been able to deliver on its service levels.

JDS delivers fast, thorough and professional support services so that we can get the most out of our technology. Powercor is less at risk of its testing schedules being disrupted with JDS behind us.

Why choose JDS?

In addition to exceptional professional services and IT implementation, JDS provides both temporary and ongoing support for our clients. Our team of local, specialist support consultants ensures that clients receive fast issue resolution or assistance raising a ticket with vendors if issues cannot be immediately resolved in-house. However, we are proud to resolve more than half of the calls regarding system or software issues without needing to escalate to the vendor, and many incidents are resolved in the first phone call.

The JDS support team:

  • Is based in Melbourne with a local and dedicated support centre
  • Achieves response times within two hours for 100% of calls
  • Targets first call resolution at 90%