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Micro Focus Technical Bootcamp 2018

Micro Focus Technical Bootcamp 2018

What a welcome to Bangkok! A bustling metropolis of 8.2 million people, known for its ornate shrines and vibrant street life, the city hosted myself and my colleagues Jim T and Andrew P for this year’s highly anticipated Micro Focus APJ Technical Bootcamp. Held in the first week of December, it consisted of 13 technical streams covering Application Delivery Management (ADM – my chosen area of interest and what we’ll deep dive here), Security, Information Management and IT Operations Management (ITOM).

Sunday evening saw event attendees converging from all parts of the APJ region and checking into the impressive Hilton Hotel – lucky us! It was fantastic to meet and get to know other techies not just from Australia but India, Singapore, Taiwan, China, Philippines, Malaysia, and of course Thailand.

Micro Focus went above and beyond with the information, demonstrations and labs covered in the span of the time we had, so to summarise the bootcamp in a blog post is much like experiencing a cold night in Bangkok – practically impossible! However, there are six ADM highlights we are excited to share.


1. Latest integrations

It’s widely accepted developing, delivering and supporting business applications is growing increasingly complex tool, application and platform-wise. A single business transaction typically requires integration between multiple systems, with release cycles becoming ever shorter (Amazon deploys a new release to production somewhere in their ecosystem every 11.6 seconds!). Customers are demanding better performance from more secure applications with fewer defects. Oh, and they want to consume that app on their chosen device running a particular version of a given operating system, using the browser of their choice that may not be on the latest version. To put this into perspective, it’s been estimated that the number of unique Device/OS/Browser version combinations operating in the world today is in excess of 28,000! That’s a lot of cocktails!

Micro Focus is uniquely positioned to tackle these complexity challenges with a suite of integrated technologies. But not only do they provide ‘best of breed’ solutions covering all aspects of DevOps, they also fully embrace and integrate with a myriad of open source applications. The result is customers can implement the best solution for their needs, using open source tools, licenced applications or a combination. Examples of what that can potentially look like below.

2. ALM Octane – providing full lifecycle management for Agile projects

Main features and what’s new:

  • Single point of insight into your CI system - full integration with CI tools (Jenkins and Bamboo) to drive packaging, building, automated testing and deployment of applications
  • Integration to numerous automated testing tools and platforms – UFT, Selenium, LeanFT, Mobile Center, StormRunner Functional, to name a few
  • Integration with Fortify to execute automated security tests, both static (code scans) and dynamic penetration testing
  • Providing full support for the SAFe methodology while providing full integrating with Jira, a more team-centric tool
  • Provides full audit compliance


3. Mobile Center – the single gateway that expands MF products to mobile technology

Mobile Center (MC) can be integrated with UFT allowing functional regression testing against an iOS or Android mobile device. Integrate MC with Loadrunner to execute a performance test or with Fortify to perform a security scan, or even manually test on an actual or virtual mobile device by integrating with Sprinter.

4. UFT (Unified Functional Testing) – the industry leader in functional test automation

UFT remains a core focus for MF. With quarterly releases, MF ensures the product is continually enhanced to keep up with the ever-changing market demands and emerging technologies.

  • Support for over 40 technologies and environments
  • Full cross browser testing coverage
  • Full headless API testing
  • Integration with MF Mobile Center and MF StormRunner Functional, allowing automated tests to be executed against virtually any OS platform, browser or mobile device
  • Integration with Git repositories with powerful code comparison capabilities between current test components and the previous revision. Tests stored in the Git repository can in turn be accessed by Jenkins or Bamboo CI tools to be run as part of a Continuous Integration pipeline through ALM Octane


5. LeanFT – moving automated regression testing to the left of your application development lifecycle

LeanFT is a powerful and lightweight functional testing solution built specifically for continuous testing, allowing developers to build and run automated unit regression tests directly from their chosen IDE. Key features include:

  • Integrates with common IDEs (including Visual Studio, Eclipse, IntelliJ, Android Studio)
  • Cross-platform and cross-browser support. Full mobile support (using Mobile Center)
  • Easily create Selenium tests with Lean FT for Selenium
  • CI/CD-ready Docker image to allow execution of tests within containers
  • Built-in Cucumber BDD Template

6. StormRunner Functional – Complete on-demand digital lab in the cloud

SRF provides a lab consisting of multiple browsers running on various Windows, Mac and Linux versions across a selection of resolutions. In addition, iOS and Android devices are available with a selection of browsers. This allows developers and test engineers to automatically execute parallel test cases across multiple platforms, on-demand in the cloud. SRF can be integrated with various MF and open source automated testing tools. Alternatively, you can record and maintain your automated test scripts directly in SRF. SRF tests can also be run from a Bamboo or Jenkins CI pipeline. Lastly, SRF provides comprehensive reporting and defect management with integration into ALM, Octane and Jira.

So what’s new in SRF 1.61?


Micro Focus has truly demonstrated maturity in the ADM space, with an unrivalled breadth and depth of tools simultaneously enabling Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery of applications, whilst ensuring a level of quality customers can rely on.


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