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Case Study: Large Australian companies benefit from on-site support

Case Study: Large Australian companies benefit from on-site support

It’s no secret that a complex IT project can take years to complete. Digitally transforming a large organisation usually necessitates bringing on an entire team, and finding the right people to fill those roles is critical to the project’s success. JDS not only provides technical expertise and advice before and during an implementation project, but also offers ongoing support after the fact. Remote and on-site support ensure that your project continues to be successful. We also provide training for your team so that ultimately, your internal staff are confident and ready to take over when the time comes.

Two examples of extended on-site JDS support for clients in Australia are featured below.

A Large Insurance Company (LIC)

ITOM Monitoring, CMDB & Automation

JDS has provided the LIC with HPE BSM consulting services for more than eight years and support for the LIC’s full range of HPE Software (now Micro Focus) for the last three years. To give the LIC visibility into the performance of their business-critical systems and applications, we provide all the technical expertise to configure the HP BSM environment. JDS continues to support the LIC’s environment, providing assistance in upgrades and enhancements to their system and the day-to-day running of their software.

JDS has become a key partner in the LIC’s monitoring, event management, and automation teams and we regularly supplement their skills as required to build, configure, and enhance their monitoring technologies. In recent times, we have implemented OMi and migrated the LIC’s OMW instance to OMi.

As part of this project, JDS setup the integrations with third-party systems such as MS SCOM, Nagios, Solarwinds, Dell Foglight, IBM Tivoli, as well as HPE UCMDB, and HPE BSM. JDS also built the two-way integration (using HPE’s recommended method of groovy script and web services) with the LIC’s service desk tool (USD, Axios Assist, and most recently ServiceNow) and setup rules for incident ticket creations.

Without the assistance of JDS, we would not have been able to grow and mature our internal service offering and would be nowhere near as advanced as we are today.
IT ManagerLarge superannuation company

A Large Superannuation Company (LSC)

ITOM Monitoring, CMDB & ITSM

In 2015, JDS Australia was selected by the LSC to implement their replacement Enterprise ITSM and Monitoring platform. The LSC has relied on the best practice and technical expertise provided by JDS to architect, implement, administer, and maintain:

  • An enterprise event management and monitoring strategy across all of the technology for the LSC
  • An enterprise ops bridge/event management solution with market leading event correlation and event handling capabilities (based on HP OMi)
  • Monitoring solutions at all levels, including complex end-user monitoring (both real-user and synthetic), integration/API level monitoring as well as infrastructure/network/database monitoring solutions
  • Third-party monitoring solutions where specialist monitoring requirements complement and enhance the existing HP enterprise framework
  • Tight integrations with:
    • Other monitoring solutions to centralise and normalise all monitoring events into the enterprise ops bridge
    • The enterprise service desk solution (including automated incident ticket creation, assignment, updates, etc. driven by monitoring events)
    • An escalation management solution (via the enterprise ops bridge) to provide a consistent and traceable event escalation management solution for business hours and on-call support teams
  • Dashboard/presentation solutions for both ITSM and monitoring solutions to provide near real–time views that are relevant to all levels of business/technical users at the LSC
  • Training and mentoring of LSC internal teams for enterprise monitoring and event management (at both a business and technical level)
  • On-site business hours support and 24/7 off-site technical support with LSC specific incident response and resolution capability
  • Customised monitoring policies and integrations where no OOTB solution meets LSC requirements
  • Configuration management solutions providing CI discovery and IT Service mapping that underpin key integrations and ability to perform event/change impact analysis
  • Automation solutions (using HPOO and other toolsets and customisations) to automate manual processes that are error prone when done manually and/or resource/time-saving for the LSC

JDS has a current three-year contract to perform the day-to-day maintenance, support, and expansion of the LSC’s ITSM and Enterprise Event Management/Monitoring platform.

JDS Australia has provided invaluable support for us over the last few years. They have operated both remotely and on-site as part of our team. Their personnel have been able to operate across strategy and planning, installation and configuration, standing up of services, documentation, training and upskilling of company staff, and regular and out-of-hours support.
IT ManagerLarge superannuation company

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If you are looking for support for a current technical project, or simply want access to ongoing support for your environment, contact JDS today. Our expert team of local support consultants can provide you with personal service, fast issue resolution, and expedited ticket raising with our vendor partners.

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Support Stories Part 2: Remove the burden of administrative IT tasks

Support Stories Part 2: Remove the burden of administrative IT tasks

Interruptions in service and performance issues put a significant amount of stress on IT teams. Whether it’s your internal users who face these roadblocks, or your end users/customers, problems with your services can lead to brand damage and loss of customers. Not only that, but resolving problems with your service can often take a huge amount of time and resources away from other projects.

That’s where JDS support comes in. Our team of local, Australia-based support consultants provide IT management, monitoring, and support services to customers all around the country, ensuring their environments function properly and their systems perform as needed. This allows your team to focus on business services and innovative projects by removing the burden of administrative IT tasks.

We have provided both temporary and ongoing support solutions for companies in a broad variety of industries, over a range of timeframes. In Part 1 of our Support Stories, we discussed the services we provided on an automation project and a service manager project. In Part 2, we have two more case studies featuring a large mining company and a respected Australian university.

Mining Company Case Study

A large mining company (LMC) handed over their Health Check System to Support to ensure the LMC’s applications were up and running. A request came in as a priority 2 where BSM was needed to analyse performance issues on their Sharepoint application, for which the script wasn't maintained and was failing consistently. This presented challenges as our consultants had to upskill quickly in Vugen (required to rework the script), and get a good grasp of the LMC’s environment, which was being slow and unstable (application crashing).

To start with, we had to re-work a script that was known to be problematic. Once that was fixed, the LMC would be able to use BSM to troubleshoot performance issues tied to the application.​

We treated this issue as a high priority and focused on finding a solution from the day the work was raised and approved from the LMC’s end. As part of this process, our team tapped into multiple knowledge sources to ensure that had all the information required to deliver a successful outcome for the LMC. To ensure proper expectations were set and met, we were in constant communication and providing updates to our stakeholders.

Ultimately, we raised the issue with our support team lead, who assisted in setting up a meeting internally to discuss the best way to go forward (whether it was best to get a consultant to go on-site or continue working on the issue, what needed to be done, who to contact or get involved, etc.) We ma​d​e use of all the resources available, such as logging high priority tickets with the vendor and checking the broad range of JDS staff resources to see who was able to assist.

As the project took longer than expected due to circumstances beyond the client’s control, we agreed on a reduced fee for the number of hours worked. ​In the end, we were able to fix the script after two weeks, and the client was pleased with the result and continues to engage JDS Support for its ongoing monitoring and performance checking needs.

University Case Study

A respected Australian university (RAU) had ingested some data sources into Splunk and the performance was degrading, which meant that data was not coming into the system. Because of this problem, they were not able to use Splunk to its full capacity.

Initially, the JDS support team disabled the inputs in Splunk to stop the degradation of the performance. However, that in of itself, did not solve the original issue and there was still the task of integrating new data sources into Splunk remaining.

Our remote support engineer engaged Splunk Support on behalf of the RAU. A JDS consultant and the support engineer also went on-site to the RAU to work directly with the client and collected logs and performance metrics for the support case—this was a special case, where the needs of the customer warranted an on-site visit that wouldn’t normally be included in their support plan.

Splunk Support suggested some solutions and we tested it in our own environment before going back to the RAU to implement the solution.

In the end, we were able to ingest all the data sources that the RAU needed and also improve performance on the servers.

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Are you looking for temporary or ongoing support for your environment? JDS provides a range of support packages and plans to suit the needs of a variety of businesses. Find out more by viewing our support page or email us at with your enquiry. If you are a current JDS customer, you can get in touch directly with your account manager to find out what support solutions would benefit you.

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Mainly HP BSM, and I’m about to start upskilling in AppDynamics.

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  • Any client queries related to HP BSM (Technical queries, Technical issues, licensing, etc).
  • Assisting internal stakeholders at JDS with their business IT needs or issues.
  • Helping to maintain the different applications that make up the whole system at JDS.
  • General IT Support, ensuring client applications are running smoothly and that their technical issues are addressed in a timely manner

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Support Stories Part 1: JDS provides local and efficient support in Australia

Support Stories Part 1: JDS provides local and efficient support in Australia

In addition to exceptional professional services and IT implementation, JDS provides both temporary and ongoing support for our clients. Our team of local, specialist support consultants ensures that clients receive fast issue resolution or assistance raising a ticket with vendors if issues cannot be immediately resolved in-house. However, we are proud to resolve more than half of the calls regarding system or software issues without needing to escalate to the vendor, and many incidents are resolved in the first phone call.

Over the years, our support team has provided assistance to hundreds of clients. In Part 1 of this two-part case study, members of the support team recall issues they have helped to resolve or new processes they have introduced to make life easier for in-house support teams.

Automation Case Study

JDS was engaged by a client, a government business enterprise who is known as the leader of reusable energy in Australia, to provide on-demand support for the automation of its IT operations. One of the requirements fulfilled was to automate the process for a particular type of service request, which processes emails sent to ServiceNow and automates the assignment of service providers and assignment groups.

This allows the team responsible for the delivery of the service to free up their capacity from manual administrative tasks such as going through emails and manually assigning jobs to relevant parties.

The solution JDS support delivered uses an Inbound Email Action to handle the key words identified in the subject of the incoming emails and automates the process of placing a Service Catalog order, which then triggers the workflow to automate the assignment of relevant service groups according to pre-defined criteria.

Using the latest best practice development methodologies, JDS was able to deliver this in only seven billable support hours. Along with efficiency, the implementation was delivered with:

  • ServiceNow platform best practice
  • Use of Agile methodology
  • Emphasis on clean code

Service Manager Case Study

As part of an ongoing support arrangement with a Queensland Government Organisation (QGO), JDS supported the on-premises HP Service Manager 9.4x instance. Over an extended period of time, several issues arose which were marked as resolved in the newer version, so it was deemed advisable to upgrade to the 9.50 version of the product. However, the QGO had previously had bad experiences with SM upgrades due to unforeseen compatibility issues and other problems, which had forced some upgrades to be rolled back or left in an incomplete state.

Since the issues were not going to be resolved in the existing version, the JDS support team collated a list of the existing tickets which were to be fixed in 9.50 and undertook a project to complete the upgrade on our own test environment and find any problems before beginning work on the client environment.

We took a copy of our existing Service Manager test instance and began making modifications to reproduce the QGO’s environment as closely as possible. The first phase involved testing to make sure that each issue was reproduced in our test environment and produced the expected results. After this, we began the upgrade process and documented any difficulties we encountered, then applied the appropriate patches and went through our testing process again.

By running through this upgrade in our test environment, we were able to ensure a smooth upgrade for our customer and be ready with solutions already planned out for any hiccups along the way. We were also able to independently verify that each reported issue was resolved with the new version so that we could manage customer expectations and have full confidence in our recommendations.

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Are you looking for temporary or ongoing support for your environment? JDS provides a range of support packages and plans to suit the needs of a variety of businesses. Find out more by viewing our support page or email us at with your enquiry. If you are a current JDS customer, you can get in touch directly with your account manager to find out what support solutions would benefit you.

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