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Introducing ServiceNow Jakarta

Introducing ServiceNow Jakarta

ServiceNow has officially launched its Jakarta release.

Our experts at JDS have provided a quick summary to ensure you are aware of the key enhancements in the new update.

Guided setups

These walk through the various aspects of setting up ServiceNow for use with ITSM, ITFM, and ITOM so it is well worth familiarising yourself with them.

Please note, this does not take the place of the ServiceNow Implementation Methodology (SIM).

Guided tours

You can create your own guided tour of various modules to allow for context sensitive help to support end users. You can also modify the OOB guided tours.

Be aware, it's a little challenging to set up as the designer doesn't delete steps properly, so be prepared to do some configuration in the regular form layout of the guide as well. Once configured, users can access these tours by clicking on the help icon, which shows the help side pane. At the bottom, there’s a “tour” button.

Knowledge portal

Knowledge within ServiceNow has been upgraded to be more user friendly. Unlike the customer facing service portal, this portal allows access to multiple knowledge bases, making it ideal to assist internal IT staff at first, second, and third levels of support.

knowledge portal

Security hardening dashboard

This interactive dashboard shows the degree to which an instance of ServiceNow has been secured. It allows system admins to configure key security parameters across the platform.

security dashboard

security dashboard

SLA timelines

You can view the progress of SLAs on a timeline (go through the regular Service Desk SLAs to find this feature). This is a brilliant way for managers to monitor the progress of high-priority incidents without the need to micromanage staff, only getting involved when needed.

SLA timelines

Our team on the case

Document as you go.

Peter Cawdron


Length of Time at JDS

5 years


ServiceNow, Loadrunner, HP BSM, Splunk.

Workplace Passion

I enjoy working with the new AngularJS portal in ServiceNow.

Need support?

If you have any questions about ServiceNow or this latest release, please feel free to contact JDS.

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Why choose JDS?

JDS is a ServiceNow Premier Partner that helps to automate and innovate IT Service Delivery across all lines of business, eliminating process backlogs and integration boundaries. We have expertise in:

  • ITSM (Service Management)
  • ITOM (Operations Management)
  • CSM (Customer Service Management)
  • ITBM (Business Management)
  • ServiceNow integration
  • Performance and Test Automation (ATF)
  • Managed Services

We have a large pool of technical consultants and provide a strategic and differentiated level of partnership with ServiceNow, helping customise the ServiceNow platform to our clients’ needs. JDS is also ServiceNow's global partner of choice for testing the performance and availability of their platform.

Our focus has always been on providing high quality technical specialists that are certified and well supported in their relevant areas of expertise.

The enterprise cloud platform

To automate and innovate how you work, you need to improve IT service delivery throughout the business. This means no more application backlogs, no more integration boundaries, and less development time and cost. Make your IT‑enabled service applications the centrepiece for business innovation with the ServiceNow platform.

Start NOW

By placing a service-oriented lens on the activities, tasks, and processes that make up day-to-day work life, ServiceNow helps modern enterprise operate faster and be more scalable than ever before. ServiceNow provides a service model that defines, structures, and automates the flow of work, removing email and spreadsheets from the process to streamline service delivery.

Why choose ServiceNow?

Boost productivity
Deliver services faster through workflow automation

Improve user self-sufficiency and first-touch resolution

Resolve issues faster
Substitute your legacy help desk with a fast, automated service delivery

Decrease risk
Reduce human error and information overload with intelligent analytics

Reduce tickets
Reduce ticket volumes through self-service and increased service quality

JDS capabilities with ServiceNow

IT Operations Management
ITOM includes the mapping and monitoring of IT services. JDS has been driving auto-discovery, CMDBs and establishing IT service monitoring for years; and with considerable depth of experience in this area, gives business executives and managers visibility over their whole IT system.

ServiceNow Applications
The JDS team brings experience across ServiceNow applications to make your implementation successful - including IT Service Management, Customer Service Management, IT Business Management, Governance Risk & Compliance and Human Resources.

Integration and Automation
All too often, modern businesses run on disparate systems. ServiceNow need not be the central system of record (such as SAP or Microsoft Active Directory), but it can be the system integrator, allowing these systems to work together. By integrating systems, ServiceNow can harmonise records and avoid duplication, allowing for process automation to occur across multiple systems.

Performance and Performance Modernisation
JDS specialise in enabling customers to deliver better value, performance and quality from their existing platform. We provide industry leading capabilities and tools to provide alignment of solutions to business needs, modernisation of legacy customisations, performance optimisation, code review and support.

Performance Testing
If your organisation relies on ServiceNow, it is critical to ensure that your instance performs to avoid interruption to your business and loss of revenue or reputation. JDS has extensive performance testing experience, having tested ServiceNow instances for companies all around the world.

Test Automation
JDS has over a decade of experience in test automation. Our evolved test automation methodology provides for rapid and effective implementation of the ServiceNow Automated Test Framework (ATF). With ATF you can accelerate upgrades and releases with minimal business impact.

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