Performance Testing SAP

Testing SAP helps mitigate risk to your reputation by ensuring your software does what you need it to do, how you need it to be done. Functional and nonfunctional testing go hand in hand to ensure SAP works when it goes live, saving your business time and money.

Ensure a good user experience

Successful SAP performance tests need to do more than just produce load—you need to understand how users will engage with your site and how the platform will respond. SAPGUI performance testing simulates users on the application clicking buttons and typing into fields, letting you see what they will see.

Fix issues before they impact your business

Migrating to HANA can boost application performance, but it pays to test your upgrade. Code optimised for MaxDB doesn’t always translate to performance in HANA. Testing your custom code will let you know what works well and what needs improving.

Why test SAP?

User experience
Have confidence that your system will support your users before going live; avoid unhappy customers and preventable downtime

Resolve issues fast
Ensure your SAP implementation is correctly configured by testing the entire system at load to reveal any weak links

Assess your capacity
Test your SAP system at 3- or 5-year volumes to help understand and plan for your future infrastructure needs

Troubleshoot code
Find out how your new features fare for an entire department versus a single-user interaction

Ensure integration
Make sure that complex integrations work with existing legacy systems

JDS testing capabilities with SAP

Performance testing
Optimise the performance and availability of your SAP implementation with JDS. Testing de-risks your project to give you confidence that your go-live will be successful. We conduct targeted performance tests aimed at evaluating custom code and finding any weak points in the system.

Service virtualisation
In complex environments with multiple integrations, it’s not always possible to test end-to-end. With service virtualisation, JDS can help you test systems that are available, and virtualise the components that are not yet ready. This will help you isolate issues earlier, and allow for concurrent testing to optimise your time.

Security testing
Security poses an important threat for modern businesses, as it has privacy, financial, and reputational implications. The security experts at JDS are available to help you protect against the threat of breach or infiltration of your SAP system through comprehensive security testing.

Mobile testing
JDS designs testing solutions to emulate real users working from mobile locations. Through network virtualisation, JDS can simulate the network conditions common with mobile users, so you can understand the performance of your remote users working alongside your desktop users.

Automated testing
Increase the productivity of your testing teams by automating your time consuming manual regression test cases. JDS can support your team in automating repetitive test cases, or manage the entire process for you. Spend less time executing tests and more time finding defects.

Why choose JDS?

JDS tests solutions based on leading enterprise platforms including SAP, Oracle e-Business Suite, SharePoint, Citrix, and ServiceNow.

We have nearly 15 years of experience optimising performance and availability for a wide range of Australian businesses using a variety of industry-leading tools. With strong domain expertise and experience in application performance, operations monitoring, and managed services, JDS is the partner of choice for trusted IT solutions and services to leading Australian organisations.

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Testing success stories