Top LoadRunner/Performance Testing Blogs

There are quite a few people writing about LoadRunner and Performance Testing on the web now. This is a short list of some of the better ones. Feel free to leave a comment with your favourite sites.

Note that this was inspired by Mark’s list of useful LoadRunner URLs, and the 43 Folders article on what makes a good blog.


Luciano Devoto

Hey, You have shared amazing links they are very helpful to me and to everybody who visit this page.

Thanks Man!

Hi There,

Same way the encryption has been done for Base64, can we have code for util_md5.
we found the function written in “mic_socket.h” file and its says
“extern char *util_md5(char *inMessage,int inMessagelen, char *md5 /* 16-bytes */);”
but we are not able to understand value need to pass for argument char *md5.
Help will be greatly appreciated.

I always go a high performance. Once succeed with any testing that’s were I get my system running perfectly.

How to perf test DESKTOP REMEDY application?

When I attempt to record Web (HTTP/HTML) scripts in HP VUGen the browser “Stops Working” and the action recorded is empty. Recording Web (Click and Script) scripts works fine – but is unsuitable for the application I am testing.

My setup:

HP Virtual User Generator 11.0.0
Windows 7 on a corporate network
Internet Explorer 8
Chrome 15
When I click the “Start Record” button in VU Gen and confirm fill in the details the browser launches but immediately I get a process error:

Internet Explorer has stopped working

A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Please close the program.

[Close the program] [Debug the program]

Dismissing the error doesn’t actually kill the browser and so I can navigate my application and submit requests, etc. However when I stop recording no steps have been recorded and I am left with a blank action:

return 0;
Every now and again the process dialog does not “crash” until I close the browser, but it still fails to record.

Stuart Moncrieff
Stuart Moncrieff

Just to be controversial, I would like to nominate Melbourne, Australia as being the city with the highest concentration of expert performance testers in the world.

Four of the blogs listed above are written by people from Melbourne.

  • My Load Test (Stuart Moncrieff)
  • JDS Tech Tips (various contributors)
  • 90KTS (Tim Koopmans
  • mishmashmoo (Sameh Abdelhamid)
  • Cheers,

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