When trying to load a VMWare image you may be presented with an error message like this:

To get around this do the following:

Navigate to the directory that contains the image files. One of these will have an extension of “.vmx”. Open this with notepad. At the top you will find a parameter with the name “virtualHW.version”. This will probably have a value of 6. Change this to 4 and save the file. You will now be able to load the image into the VMWare console but you won’t be able to boot it up though.

When you try you will get a message similar to this:

To get around this problem, edit the file with the “vmdk” extension. Inside this file you will find a line that contains something like ddb.virtualHWVersion = “6”. Again, this value must also be changed back to “4”. This is the file that contains the virtual disk, so chances are that you may not be able to open it with notepad. If this is the case you can open it with a Hex editor. There is a simple one that does the trick and is free, called HxD. You can get it from http://mh-nexus.de/en/hxd/.

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