Visualise and consolidate your data with SAP PowerConnect for Splunk


SAP systems can be complex. If you have multiple servers and operating systems across different data centres and the cloud, it’s often difficult to know what’s happening under the hood. SAP PowerConnect for Splunk makes it easier than ever to get valuable insight into your SAP system, using its intuitive visual interface and consolidated system data.

Leverage the power of Splunk’s intuitive interface

Traditionally, visualising data using SAP has been a challenge. Inside SAP the data is aggregated, so detail is not available after a few days or weeks—assuming historical records are even being kept. The data that is available is often displayed in tabular format, which needs to be manipulated to provide any meaningful analysis. Visualisations within SAP are limited, and inconsistent across platforms.

A key benefit of SAP PowerConnect is its highly visual interface, which allows your IT operators and executives to see what’s going on in your SAP instance at a glance. Once the data is ingested, you have the full visualisation power of Splunk at your disposal. You can also combine other data from Splunk to create correlations and see visual trends between different systems.

The PowerConnect solution provides more than 50 pre-built dashboards showing you the status of everything from individual metrics to global system trends. You also have the option to collect and display any custom metrics via a function module that you develop.

Whether you want to visualise HANA DB performance or global work processes, you can visually track your data to clearly see trends, spikes, and issues over time.

To illustrate the improved visualisation PowerConnect has over native SAP, compare the following:

This screen shows standard performance metrics from within SAP:

SAP Data PowerConnect

SAP PowerConnect for Splunk converts this tabular data and presents it on a highly visual dashboard:

PowerConnect for Splunk

Bring all your data into one place

By using PowerConnect to consolidate your SAP system data within Splunk, you will discover a wealth of information. Detailed SAP data relating to specific servers, processes, and users will be presented in a range of targeted dashboards. You can see live performance metrics, or look back at trends with a high level of granularity from the past months or years on demand.

With your SAP data available in Splunk, you can:

  • Configure custom alerting based on known triggers, or a combination of metrics from multiple servers or processes
  • Be alerted when you hit a certain user load, or when a custom module encounters an error
  • Schedule custom reports to provide a summary of performance from high-level trends right down to low level CPU metrics
  • Monitor and regularly report on key performance indicators, visualising historical trends over time, including important events during the year

Often different teams within an enterprise will each have a tool of choice to monitor their part of the landscape. This may let the team work efficiently, but can hamper knowledge sharing across the organisation. This is especially true with complex tools, where unintended misuse can cause issues so access is often held back. PowerConnect opens up access to your SAP data by making it available to everyone from your basis team to your executives, and removes the silos.

Furthermore, you can further enrich your SAP PowerConnect data by combining data from non-SAP or third-party applications within your organisation. For example, if your SAP system makes calls to a web service that you manage, you can use Splunk to consume available data to help triage during issues, or complete the picture of what your users are doing on the system. This provides an even deeper level of correlation between applications and business services.

Leveraging the power of Splunk and SAP PowerConnect, you will have a consolidated view of your enterprise operational data, with open and accessible information displayed in a highly visual interface.

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