One of the quick ways to identify those areas in a VuGen script that requires correlation is to record it twice and manually compare the two scripts. Built in to VuGen is the tool WDiff, a basic file comparison tool. However, I have found that it is rather limiting in what it can do, and have found a great alternative.

A tool that I like using is Beyond Compare (you can download a 30-day evaluation copy from It comes with a host of smart features, like the ability to copy changes from the one file to another, manual updates to files while comparing, support for various file formats, syntax formatting and simultaneously comparing multiple files in a directory. VuGen allows you to plug in this comparison tool (or any other one that you may fancy) to use it instead of the standard WDiff. To do this, install Beyond Compare and follow these steps:

  • Open VuGen.
  • Select Tools > General Options.
  • Click the Environment tab.
  • Tick the Use custom comparison tool checkbox and enter the path for the comparison tool’s executable file. If you installed Beyond Compare with default settings, this will be “C:\Program Files\Beyond\Beyond Compare 3\BCompare.exe”.

VuGen - Use custom comparison tool

Once this is done, VuGen will launch the file comparison using this tool instead of the standard WDiff when you select Tools > Compare with Script...

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