HP LoadRunner 11.00 is now out, and it's great that we can share with you some of the improvements to be found in this major update. First up, there is no LoadRunner version 10. The LoadRunner version number had slipped behind the other HP testing tools; so HP have realigned the numbering with the latest releases of Quality Center (now ALM) and QuickTest Professional.

LoadRunner 11.00 is major update, with a large number of new features, and undercover tweaks. This is not designed to be an exhaustive list, but covers the significant changes. Please let us know in the comments if there is anything we've missed.

Major VuGen Changes

The following are the significant changes from the previous version. These changes alone are worth the upgrade:

  • Ajax TruClient Protocol: This is a major new protocol, and a new and very innovative approach to the scripting of Web applications. Those that are familiar with tools such as QTP, will find scripting with the new TruClient protocol extremely friendly. To get started with this protocol, the only prerequiste is that your application must work in Mozilla Firefox. Time will tell if this is a worthy adversary to the standard Web HTML/HTTP protocol we love, but we're optimistic and very excited about this new feature.
  • Silverlight Protocol: Microsoft's new AJAX platform is a major new presentation framework for modern Web 2.0 applications. With the inclusion of this protocol, LoadRunner now cements itself as the premium load testing tool for Silverlight applications.
  • Java over HTTP Protocol: Java calls over HTTP are now supported as a new protocol.
  • Data Format Extensions for Web HTML/HTTP: The standard Web HTTP/HTML protocol can now rebuild any structured content as XML, allowing easy correlation of otherwise difficult to correlate content types, such as JSON or Base64 payloads.
  • Regular Expression support for Web HTML/HTTP: Regular expressions can now be used with the web_reg_save_param function to locate parameter boundaries. We're really excited about this new feature, regular expressions have been a glaring omission from the Web protocol for power scripters; but not anymore!
  • Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and IE8 Support: Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 is now officially supported, as is Internet Explorer 8 on these and earlier operating systems. LoadRunner will work with both 32-bit and 64-bit variants of this operating system.

Other VuGen changes

There is a variety of other changes within VuGen, including:

  • Citrix support: Citrix XenServer 5.0 is now supported. As is the Citirix Online Plugin (11.2 and 11.5) for the first time.
  • Oracle NCA improvements: A new query-answer table integrates communications between Java objects and the Oracle NCA server.
  • SAPGUI support: SAPGUI Version 7.20 is now supported.
  • Interface refresh: VuGen has a fresh new look, with an updated control toolkit and some new icons.


There aren't many changes within the controller for this release.

  • Percentile support for Service Level Agreements: SLA definitions can now be based on percentiles. This is a substantial change, and will allow the SLA feature to be used within more testing situations.
  • Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 Support: As with the other application components, the controller also supports Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 environments (32-bits and 64-bits).
  • Service Test script support: LoadRunner can now execute scripts creating using HP Service Test 11.00, to generate effective load testing scenarios for SOA applications.


The analysis application has undergone an variety of changes:

  • Reporting Enhancements: The report generation tool within Analysis has been greatly enhanced. Reports are now highly customisable, allowing performance analysts to generate professional reports straight from the Analysis tool. It looks like this feature will come in handy when communicating results immediately following a load test.
  • Enhanced Graph Filtering: Graphs can be filtered directly through the transaction list that appears below each graph. This allows transactions to be quickly filtered, allowing you to focus on the ones you're most interested in. For example, only show transactions with an average response above 2 seconds.
  • Performance improvements: Indications are that this new release is quicker.
  • Windows support: Once again, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 are supported.
  • Interface refresh: Analysis has been freshened up, with an updated control toolkit and some new icons.

We hope you are excited about this new release as we are at JDS. Remember, all customers that have a current maintenance agreement with HP can upgrade at any time. We look forward to sharing some specific tech tips on some of the new features shortly.

Tech tips from JDS


Does Load runner support for JDA 8.1 Appilication?…

Lopamudra Das

Hi Nick,

Very useful article. Does Load Runner 11 support IE 7? Please let me know.

thats nice one about new features of load runner 11.0, can u update about transaction profiles in Analysis of web(HTTP/HTML) protocol

Nilesh Kumar

Thanks Nick

Thanks Nick for the overwhelming post…. Its worth reading and getting a fair view on the software rather than going through pages after pages to study a particular software…..

Pleas share more posts like this and I am keen to work with LR11.

good article having all info consolidated in one place.


Thanks Nick for the summary,

Just got two quick questions on “Ajax TruClient Protocol”, hoping to get the response from anyone who can share thr wisdom.

1. Can “Ajax TruClient Protocol” go as a multi protocol along with Web html/http.
2. In future can we see multi browser support from Ajax TruClient Protocol, this is a direct req from my client.



Excellent summary! Better than the long winded HP pride list :)


I have been told that although Win 7 is now supported, only 32Bit version can be used for VuGen RECORDING. Playback in VuGen will work on 64 as will Controler and Analysis but our support vendor was very specific in telling me that you can not record in VuGen on ANY 64 bit O/S, even in LR 11. Can you confirm that you CAN record in 64bit OS?

Be great if Adobe Flex and Flash were part of the new offerings/features.


Please find below question

1. How to record ORACLE ADF Framework with load runner.

Any idea? Please send your suggestion to niranjan.limbachiya@kiwiqa.com

Let me know is someone can help

I am working on Loadrunner 11… LOTS OF new features… Currently working on Ajax True Client protocol…. Stucked with parameterising value.. Let me know if anyone can help me out

It great to know that Loadrunner has come with so many new protocls but 1 thing has missed is that support on Adobe flash player….(RTMP Real time messaging protocol). some time we have a requirement that how much time the player is taking to buffer the data from the third party server and recording the contents ot playback teh Adobe flash player but LR 11 has also not come up with this type of protocol support………….

Thanks for the update Nick. May i know your contact pls

Thanks Nick, for providing some useful information. I am raaly looking forward to start working on LR 11

Great article!

Thanks for sharing!


Thanks Barry for your comment.

I’ll take this time to mention that HP has published a patch for LoadRunner 11.00. This patch is required for the new TruClient protocol to work correctly.

To retrieve this patch, you need to install the “HP Update” utility; located in the \lrunner\MSI\HPSU directory of the LoadRunner 11.00 installation folder
(i.e. \lrunner\MSI\HPSU).

Further details are available in the following KnowledgeBase article:


Barry Perez


Thanks for taking the time to write this article. It’s a very useful summary of the new features, I am particularly pleased to see RegExp support being introduced for web_reg_save_param.