October 11 is International Day of the Girl Child—a date marked since 2012 to recognise the obstacles girls face and how they can be overcome through empowerment and global action. Encouraging and empowering girls to pursue STEM subjects from a young age is critical to fostering equality in scientific, mathematical, and technical careers in the future. To celebrate International Day of the Girl Child, JDS is releasing the next instalment of our new Women in IT series, where we interview women working across our offices in technical and business roles. This month we chatted with Adelaide technical consultant, Emma Taylor.

Emma Taylor, Consultant—Adelaide

It’s been over a year since Emma Taylor started in her role as a consultant at JDS, working in the Adelaide office. After a brief stint studying oenology (winemaking) at university, she transitioned into a computer science degree and has been working in IT ever since.

Emma combines her enthusiasm for maths and IT with her knowledge and experience working in retail as a manager and IT consultant. She uses both of those skills in her role at JDS.

We asked her some questions about how she came into the IT world, who her mentors have been along the way, and what her experience has been at JDS thus far.

JDS advertised themselves to meet my job desires and I have not been disappointed.

What drew you to IT?

I have always enjoyed developing a solution to fit a purpose and working with others to achieve their goals. When it came to making a career decision, I had some strong role models working in IT. One in particular, also a woman in tech, mentored me through the decision-making process, answering my questions with examples from her daily experiences.

By drawing on her knowledge, I was able to explore the IT industry and determine it was a good fit for me. Her support through my university degree and into my career has proved vital to my success.

What drew you to a job at JDS?

I was looking for a new challenge. I had some experience in consulting but very little exposure to monitoring systems. I also wanted to feel like part of a team and have a good work-life balance.

JDS advertised themselves to meet my job desires and I have not been disappointed.

Have you progressed in your career at JDS? If so, how?

Definitely. Since starting at JDS I have been provided with many training opportunities to get me familiar with the solutions we deliver.

As a consultant, I have grown also, experiencing a range of clients and varying scenarios. The team has supported my development and I always have someone I can ask for support if required.

Why do you think it’s important for women to be in IT?

Women quite often have a different perspective to offer in a given scenario. To ensure you are offering a complete solution, I believe you need to take into consideration the viewpoints of both men and women. After all, once the solution has been implemented, it is likely to be used by both women and men.

Why is JDS a good place to work for women?

JDS has a great culture that makes new employees feel welcome. There is a strong focus on training and an excellent support network within the company.

JDS is actively recruiting for technical consultant roles in Melbourne and Sydney, and we strongly encourage women to apply for any JDS position that suits their skills and workplace passion. Check out our current job listings and apply through our website.

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