Over the last few decades, more and more women have pursued careers in technology, adding new strengths and diverse skills to the IT workforce. However, controversies such as the recent inflammatory memo written by a now-ex Google employee show us there is still progress to be made. Here at JDS, we are committed to being a workplace of choice for women, whether working in tech-based roles, sales, marketing, finance, or administration. We are excited to launch this new series of blog posts, Women in IT, where we will profile several of the outstanding women working for JDS across all our offices in Australia.


Celia Barbosa, General Manager—Australia

One of our longest-standing employees, Celia Barbosa is currently a General Manager for the Micro Focus practice in Melbourne. Having come from a background in engineering, she “fell into IT” after realising how much of her work in the engineering space relied on IT systems functioning correctly.

She took a job with JDS more than a decade ago and has been providing senior consulting to our customers and leadership within the organisation since then.

We asked her some questions about her role here, how it has changed over time, and what she recommends to other women searching for a great place to work in IT.

When you work here, it feels like it’s not just an organisation but a family.

What drew you to a job at JDS?

I had a background in IT monitoring systems (over ten years) and was working at a large investment organisation doing day-to-day “business as usual” tasks when the JDS job came up. The consultant position seemed a good fit for me, allowing me to offer more and use different skills. I liked the idea of working for a consulting company so I could do some of the more complex and higher value tasks, such as architect solutions for large clients.

Have you progressed in your career at JDS? If so, how?

Absolutely. I started at JDS as a consultant and quickly progressed to become the Monitoring Service Lead and then Delivery Manager. I’m now a National General Manager of the Micro Focus practice. John Bearsley, the Managing Director, has been supportive of my career here since the beginning. At JDS I was encouraged to move up in the company and JDS helped me upskill and broaden beyond my technical experience. Today I am responsible for the P&L for the largest revenue practice in JDS and look after all aspects of the practice including technical direction, marketing, staff development and sales.

Why do you think it’s important for women to be in IT?

Females make up over 50% of the population and are big users of IT systems, so it makes sense for us to play a large part in IT. Who better than the users of an IT system to be involved in development and steer IT in the right direction? There is no technical part of IT that women can’t do just as well as men. Women also bring a range of new ideas, thought processes, skills, and experience to the table that is a benefit for any business.

Why is JDS a good place to work for women?

JDS is a great place to work because it provides ongoing training and a good support structure to ensure everyone is successful in their jobs. The JDS support structure, in particular, is something that I have not seen at many other consulting firms. JDS staff have good work-life balance. When you work here, you are surrounded by an inclusive team of people who are doing very interesting and important work for our clients.

Are you looking for a fantastic place to work in the IT space? JDS has offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Adelaide—and we’re always on the lookout for innovative, skilled women who know their stuff when it comes to technology.

If you’re interested in learning more or being considered, please email us at careers@jds.net.au. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our team on the case


Learn from past mistakes.

Celia Barbosa

Delivery Manager

Length of Time at JDS

10 years


I have been in IT for over 20 years starting off specialising in various IT enterprise monitoring tools.

More recently, my focus has been on:

  • IT project and delivery management
  • Leadership and Staff management
  • Oversight of Enterprise Monitoring, Testing, IT Security, IT Service Management (ITIL) projects
  • IT processes
  • Technical problem solving
  • Best Practices
  • Technical architecture and solution design

Workplace Passion

I am passionate about solving business IT problems and processes. I don’t like inefficiency and seeing large organisation waste money so will always strive to show clients how to make the most of the tools they have or make recommendations on other tools only where required. I enjoy working with JDS consultants and helping our clients.

Commas save lives.

Amy Clarke

Marketing Communications Manager

Length of Time at JDS

Since July 2017


Writing, communications, marketing, design, developing and maintaining a brand, social media, sales.

Workplace Solutions

Words matter, so make sure you get them right!

Workplace Passion

Helping a company develop its voice and present that to their clients with pride.

Do it with purpose or don’t do it at all.

Vanessa Lizarraga-Castro

Internal Recruiter

Length of Time at JDS

Since July 2017


Futuristic, connectedness, learner, positivity, relator.

Workplace Solutions

Listen to understand not respond.

Workplace Passion

Matching people to their dream careers at an employer of choice (us).

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