JDS ensures that IT systems work. This means ensuring they perform under load, are secure, reliable, effectively automated, and always available. We provide both IT and business stakeholders real-time, contextual visibility into IT health and performance, and the ability to address issues quickly.

Test IT

We want your IT projects to be successful. JDS tests your systems to ensure they support the expected volumes of traffic, that individual transactions will perform within expectations, and that your application is safe from known security vulnerabilities and hacking attempts.

Monitor IT

You can’t manage what you can’t see—monitoring provides visibility into how your IT is running. JDS enables monitoring of critical IT systems, from infrastructure layers right through to the end-user. We provide comprehensive insights into your IT system's health and how to fix it when things go wrong.

Manage IT

Many systems and processes are required in order to manage IT effectively, ranging from Service Desks to IT Asset Discovery and CMDBs, Run Book Automation and automated CI/CD workflows. JDS helps implement, run, and support IT management solutions, giving you improved flexibility and control.

Why choose JDS?

At JDS, our purpose is to ensure your IT systems work wherever, however, and whenever they are needed. Our team identifies current or potential business issues, and then develops customised solutions to suit you.

JDS is different from other providers in the market. We offer 24/7 monitoring capabilities and support throughout the entire application lifecycle. We test the performance and security of your IT projects to give you the confidence that your projects are fit ‘go live’. We give your IT Operations team visibility into the health of your IT systems, enabling them to identify and resolve issues quickly. We help you with the processes and tools required to effectively manage all facets of IT.

Our team members are passionate about what they do, working seamlessly with you to ensure you are getting the best possible performance from your environment.

We partner with leading vendors

We are proud of our work

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