JDS has a team of certified New Relic technical experts who are setting the standard for observability implementation and operation in Australia.  We do more than just deploy a powerful tool – we implement it right, integrate it into our customer’s daily IT processes, and have it deliver on everything it promises.

New Relic Implementations

The JDS team of New Relic consultants deliver more than just a tool implementation.  We ensure a seamless integration by our certified experts who understand the importance of the customer experience and achieving outstanding business outcomes.

Platform Health Checks

Our team will review the extent and effectiveness of your New Relic deployment and highlight key areas where additional benefits could be realised. You will gain a better understanding of capabilities, identify any out-of-date versions or unused critical features, and receive general guidance on obtaining more valuable insights.

Observability Maturity Assessments

Using industry best practices, as well as our own real-world customer experiences, JDS can provide valuable guidance and a strategic roadmap to achieve observability maturity, regardless of what stage of the journey you are at.

Monitoring for SAP Solutions

Allows you to see SAP application performance and overall health data through one centralised platform.  With New Relic Monitoring for SAP, you are able to quickly understand system health at a glance, and immediately troubleshoot performance issues for SAP solutions within the context of their overall ecosystem.

New Relic Integration with CodeStream

New Relic CodeStream is a developer collaboration platform that enables your development team to discuss and review code in a natural and contextual way.  JDS can assist with the best practice initial integration and use of CodeStream to improve production reliability and development productivity.

Vulnerability Management

By harnessing the power of New Relic Vulnerability Management, JDS delivers proactive security measures to ensure your entire tech stack remains resilient and shielded from vulnerabilities. Easy remediation through actionable recommendations and automated risk scores to effectively manage the vulnerability lifecycle.

  • New Relic Software & Services Partner

  • 10+ Certified Consultants

  • We bring our vast APM experience to the New Relic observability platform

  • Active member on the New Relic Technical Advisory Board