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Women in IT: Emma Taylor

October 11 is International Day of the Girl Child—a date marked since 2012 to recognise the obstacles girls face and how they can be overcome through empowerment and global action. Encouraging and empowering girls to pursue STEM subjects from a young age is critical to fostering equality in scientific, mathematical, and technical careers in the future. To celebrate International Day …
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real-user and synthetic monitoring

Why businesses should do real-user and synthetic monitoring

In successful contemporary businesses, both synthetic and real-user monitoring play key roles in providing a more comprehensive and detailed understanding of user behaviour. Synthetic monitoring simulates business transactions against production applications at set intervals, providing consistent, predictable measurements used to understand application performance trends and baselines. Real-user monitoring, on the other hand, measures performance and availability when real users are …
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Case Study: ServiceNow Agile application development for Tabcorp

ServiceNow’s Time and Attendance application streamlines many of Tabcorp’s processes when it comes to managing employees’ schedules and time recording, allowing employees to handle many of these tasks on their own in an easy-to-use portal. JDS have displayed exceptional agility in assisting Tabcorp TFS to build, test, and implement a Time and Attendance system. They worked effortlessly with …
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Women in IT: Celia Barbosa

Over the last few decades, more and more women have pursued careers in technology, adding new strengths and diverse skills to the IT workforce. However, controversies such as the recent inflammatory memo written by a now-ex Google employee show us there is still progress to be made. Here at JDS, we are committed to being a workplace of choice for …
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Micro Focus

What the HPE Software move to Micro Focus means for you

After a year-long planning and transition period, the new Micro Focus announced its official launch on Friday 1 September. The spin-off merger of HPE Software with Micro Focus is one of the biggest deals in IT this year. So, what does it mean for your business? In their official press release, the new CEO of Micro Focus, Chris Hsu, stated: …
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Meet the key features of LoadRunner 12.55

HPE Software has just announced the release of LoadRunner and Performance Centre 12.55 this month, August 2017. One of our expert consultants, Lionel Lim, has the details. I’ve spent some time going through the release notes and checking out what HPE has in store for us in the performance space and I have to admit, it sounds like a very …
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Case Study: Netwealth bolster their security with Splunk

Netwealth, an Australian superannuation and investment company, implemented Splunk as an SIEM-compliant monitoring tool to bolster their information security. The project was certainly a success, and Splunk is working well in our environment. We see a number of opportunities to use Splunk in other use-cases across the business. June 2017 The prompt and decision “As a financial services organisation, …
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ServiceNow performance testing

The benefits of performance testing ServiceNow

If your organisation relies on ServiceNow, it is critical to ensure that your instance performs to avoid interruption to your business and loss of revenue or reputation. JDS provides performance testing support to give you visibility of potential issues and solutions to resolve them. Below are a couple of real-life examples of how we have helped businesses in Australia and …
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ServiceNow Jakarta

Introducing ServiceNow Jakarta

ServiceNow has officially launched its Jakarta release. Our experts at JDS have provided a quick summary to ensure you are aware of the key enhancements in the new update. Guided setups These walk through the various aspects of setting up ServiceNow for use with ITSM, ITFM, and ITOM so it is well worth familiarising yourself with them. Please note, this does …
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electronic signature

Implementing an electronic signature in ALM

When it comes to quality assurance, consumers have come to expect and demand a high standard from manufacturers. Quality failures (e.g. the reputation Ford Pinto engines had for catching fire) have the potential to cause enormous financial losses running into millions of dollars, not to mention the potential of personal injury or loss of life. Nowhere is this more apparent …
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Your organisation deserves a good dashboard (and here’s why)

Cars cost a lot of money, and when a driver gets behind the wheel, they want to know that every component is working correctly. It can mean the difference between life and death—not to mention getting to your destination on time! For this reason, vehicle dashboards are painstakingly designed to be simple yet functional, so that virtually anyone can understand …
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Australia’s new mandatory security notifications

The majority of Australian organisations will soon be required to report major data security breaches. But what does this mean, and how can businesses avoid associated risks? Several years ago, JDS received a fax. This was unusual for two reasons: firstly, it was a fax in the 21st century; secondly, it was an authorisation for payment of 60 million dollars from …
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