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Using the QuickTest Professional “commuter” license

If you're like me and want to use QuickTest Pro when you are out of the office, you will be interested in the commuter license utility called WCOMMUTE.exe which allows you to ‘CHECK OUT’ a license from the QTP Concurrent License Server to your PC.

This will allow you to run QTP without being near any network and have it valid for 30 days. After it expires, just CHECK IN and then CHECK OUT again.

I have included some instructions on how to do this and some screen shots...

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Integrating QTP with Terminal Emulators

According to the system documentation, QuickTest Professional supports a number of terminal emulators, the vendors including Attachmate, Hummingbird, IBM, NetManage, Seagull, WRQ and Zephyr. However there are a myriad of other vendors out there with terminal emulators that could manually be integrated with QTP. This document will go through the setup of one of these, namely the TN3270 Plus emulator.

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How to make QTP “analog mode” steps more reliable

We all know that “analog” is widely considered a dirty word when it comes to QTP scripting. It is very sensitive to changes in the environment in which the script is executed, such as objects that were moved in the window, changes to screen resolution or changes to window size & position. We can’t do much when it comes to the first problem, but there is a simple trick that should eliminate the problems caused by changes to the window size and position, and in some cases screen resolution;

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QTP “Uninstall was not completed” problem

I came across this problem while installing QTP 9.5 earlier this week which caused a fair amount of frustration. The clients had QTP 9.0 installed on their laptops. I uninstalled 9.0, restarted and attempted the installation of 9.5. The first laptop went through fine but on the second one I was shown a message saying "Uninstall was not completed. Please restart the computer before installing QuickTest 9.5".

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