One of the problems that occurs on occasion when using VuGen, are problems with Internet Explorer when starting a recording of a Web HTTP/HTML protocol script.

These problems can manifest in different ways; for example, a hanging or unresponsive IE window; a windows error message; or a VuGen crash.

I’ll assume that you’ve already tried restarting VuGen, Internet Explorer itself, and even your computer.

The Quick fix

I’m going to jump the gun a bit here, and say that often the quickest way to fix recording issues is to change the “Capture Level”. The three choices offered are; Sockets Level; WinINet Level; or, Both Sockets and WinINet.

By default, Sockets Level should be selected by default. Go ahead and try “WinINet Level”. 9 times of out 10, this will fix the recording issue.

Using either, Sockets or WinINet capture levels, will highly likely result in an identical script; for standard web applications recorded in Internet Explorer.

This “quick fix” is a little deceptive, as it’s no really a fix just a workaround. But it should get you moving forward (most of the time).


So, you’re still reading huh? The capture level trick didn’t work, huh?
Don’t worry; we’re just getting started. :-)

The next step is to ensure you are using the right version of IE. Not every version of IE is compatible with every version of VuGen. I’ve compiled the following chart to help you out:

VuGen 8.1 Yes FP3 with IE7 Patch No No
VuGen 9.1 Yes Yes No No
VuGen 9.5 Yes Yes 9.52 With IE8 Patch No
VuGen 11.0 Yes Yes Yes LR Patch 3

Also note, the LR 8.1 and LR 9.1 is out of support; so they are unlikely to work on a fully patched operating system. It is recommended that you upgraded to a supported version.

Additionally, Internet Explorer 10 is expected to be available later this year; at this stage there is no news regarding LoadRunner support, but based on past experience support will likely arrive in a future release.

Other factors

So, you’re still reading. No worries; I’m not out of ideas yet.

Give the following things a try:

  • Disable all non-essential IE toolbars and extensions.
    This can be done via the Manage Add-ons option in the Tools menu.
  • Disable VuGen thumbnails; In RegEdit, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Mercury Interactive\LoadRunner\Vugen\Thumbnails and set the value for GenerateThumbs to 0.
    Note, that thumbnail generation commonly causes problems even when IE behaves itself. It’s good to disable it, as thumbnails are rarely needed.
  • Clear your TEMP directories. LoadRunner creates a lot of temporary files; make sure you save your scripts and exit all your applications first.
  • Disable Data Execution Prevention (DEP). Whist I haven’t seen this cause problems for VuGen in recent years, it’s still a very good troubleshooting step. Information about disabling DEP can be easily found using your favourite internet search engine.
  • Disable your Anti-Virus. Anti-Virus software is rarely a good idea on LoadRunner PC; and it can be difficult to disable. Remember to exercise a security mitigation plan when disabling Anti-Virus components.
  • Try using a different administrative user account. Sometimes a user profile may become corrupted and not operative correctly.
  • Try reinstalling LoadRunner and all respective patches.


So you’re still here?

It’s important to understand that whilst LoadRunner is a well-constructed and well-supported product; it does utilise some complicated and highly technical “hooks” to capture traffic from Internet Explorer. Because of this, LoadRunner can be easily affected by low-level system configuration and conflicts; which are difficult to diagnose.

For these situations, it’s possible to use the “Earlier Recording Engine” when recording a Web HTTP/HTML script. To use this, go to “Recording Options > Advanced”. Then check the box, labelled “Record script using earlier recording engine”. Note, that you will need to close your current script and create a new one to invoke this recording option. Note, that IE9 is not supported by this recording engine at this stage.

Do you have any tips for fixing VuGen recording problems? Leave them below in the comments…

UPDATE: For specific recording issues with the AMF Flex or Java-Over-HTTP protocols see the comments below.

62 comments on “How to fix common VuGen recording problems

  1. Hi,

    I am recording in VuGen through RDP protocol but recording events are not stopping after one transaction it keeps on going because of that i belive script is throwing unexpected results. Please help me out in this.

  2. Hello , I am recording an application and IE is crashing with BEX error. I am using IE9 and vugen 11.5. I have tried most of the methods mentioned like disabling DEP, IE addons etc but IE9 still crashes.

  3. Hello while recording load runner is recording the application but when we stop the recording script is not getting generated for eg: i tried recording for login of gmail account the recording actions were increasing while recording but in the script there was just strat transaction and end transaction there was no other script generated for it it was totally blank

  4. i have an issue , i am recording a financial application using HTTP HTML protocol , i have an option to delete one of the asset from a table , which i am able to while recording but , during replay i can see the same asset not being deleted and resulting in a n error. How do i resolve this issue , help me with your suggestions.

  5. Hi,

    I am currently using 12.02 Vugen version and working on web (http/html) . Vugen is recording the script then reply button click it that time showing 403 error will come ..this time what to do now …

  6. Hi,

    Currently we are using 12.50 Vugen version. Vugen is not being generating script or code post recording simple web based application. Please let me know if this is known defect or setting issues.


  7. I am working on web application in which on starting page active x object (.OCX file) is loaded and used to launch another browser.

    Issue : when I manually work on the web pages the active x object loads successfully. but when I open internet explorer through vugen and try to work on web pages then activex doesn not load and error is displayed as “SCRIPT438: Object doesn’t support property or method ‘Launch_IE’ ”

    May I know what could be the reason ?

  8. Hi all,

    I’m facing an issue when i try to record script using .net protocol ,
    when i click on recording option i’m getting error as this
    ” start recording failed. Please check the recording log to get more details”
    please help me how to record or generate script using .net protocol

  9. Hi All,
    I am facing issue with Vugen 12.02 while recording using IE11 browser.
    I am able to open the Webtour website mannually but while recording it is showing ” Page cannot be displayed”.
    I had tried changing the socket level and winnetleve capturing but no luck.

    Please anyone has any pointers? I tried many solutions provided in earlier posts. But it dint worked.


    1. Hi Shilp

      Were you able to find a solution to the issue posted by you here? I am also facing the same.

      I am able to open the website manually but while recording it is showing ” Page cannot be displayed”.

      Any clue will be of great help.


  10. Hi,

    I am trying to record an application using Loadrunner through IE and chrome using “Run as a different user”. I am unable to record it using Chrome/IE and the page crashes in IE and in chrome “He is dead,Jim”. Can someone suggest is there any additional settings needs to be done to make the recording goes fine while running asa different user.


  11. Hi,

    I have an application which is java applet will launch via browser,for this i have used java over http protocol and recorded the script. After recording design studio is disabled, what is the problem in this can u pls explain?

  12. hi,
    I am facing some recording issues with load runner 12.0 on a flex application. basically it is generating binary code for AMF calls. How do we remove this binary calls. Also simple parameterization is failing. I have used a 64 bit PC with IE10.

    1. Divya, I faced this problems and successfully solved 5 years back. Are you providing the required WAR files which are deployed on the web server? Have you provided the Jar files if your JDK version is different?
      I assume you already understand how Flex Protocol works. It has to first de-serialize the response received from the server, interpret it, serialize it again and then send the subsequent request.
      For all this, the required understanding comes from the files above.

  13. Hi Nick,

    I am getting recording problem in loadrunner.I am trying to disable the DEP for the vugen.exe but when i try to add it .A msg gets displayed saying “the program must run with DEP cannot turn off DEP for this program.”
    I have turned off firewalls and tried every possible way but recording is getting failed.
    I am using loadrunner 12.

    Please help me out if there is any solution.


  14. Currently we have an application which best works in Firefox. And this application travels through multiple https pages while it navigates through different transactions.
    But while recording through Web (HTTP/HTML , Firefox 32.0 ) on LR 11.04 with all the latest patches I’m not able to capture https trafics through vUgen , it only shows the http calls.

    Please suggest me , what can be the pre-setting or any other options I can try , so that I will able to capture the https calls through vUgen

  15. Hi Nick,

    Thanks a lot for the solution, it solved the issue with the Load Runner 11.52.
    I am a new user of Loadrunner. I am facing an issue in scripting, could you please help.

    In the sample ‘web tours’ website, i am trying to remove one flight at a time, i was able to correlate the flight ID so that there is no issue with flight ID.
    But, the issue is with the x axis and y axis of the ‘Cancel Checked’ button. it’s get varying each time and hence, unable to cancel the first ticket every time, if the flight list were more or less.

    “Name=removeFlights.x”, “Value=48”, ENDITEM,
    “Name=removeFlights.y”, “Value=3”, ENDITEM,

    can you pleas help.

    Thanks and regards,

  16. hi,
    am using LR 9.5,ie8(32bit),win7 (64bit)
    the VGEN not scripting when i using http/html protocol, am sure i recording with http web application,even port mapping also not displaying under internet option in recording option.

    any one help me out

    thanks in advance

  17. We have windows based thick client(JDA Product) and trying to record it by using VuGen11.52 with RDP protocol. I am not able to record any events for that. Could you help me which protocol is most suitable for JDA applications and what would be needed taken care of?


    1. WinINET is Microsoft’s HTTP implementation. It handles all the HTTP requests and responses for Internet Explorer and many other applications.

      Sockets is the Windows networking layer, it sits below WinINET, and handles the network communications for all protocols.

      As a general rule, Sockets will capture more events than WinINET…but both Sockets and WinINET should capture all events from Internet Explorer.

      Obviously both WinINET and Sockets are both components that are heavily patched via Windows Updates, and overloaded by other programs like Anti-Virus and Firewall products. So it’s not uncommon for LoadRunner to have problems hooking into these components, which is why changing these settings will likely solve recording issues.

  18. I am trying to record tibco iprocess application from Vugen 11.5, Unfortunately the application is not able to launch from protocol advisor. Any thouhgts which protocol should we try? In some protocols apiplication seems to be laucurhing but no events are being captured.

    Thanks Much!

  19. Hi ,

    Is LR 11.04 compatible with Mozilla 17.0.5 ESR. As i am not able to record using the mentioned firefox version with LR 11.04 version I have tried both WinInet & socket level options.

    Kindly suggest.


  20. Hi,
    I have two questions-

    I am facing issue with Vugen 11.51 while recording using safari browser.
    I am able to open the application mannually but while recording it is showing ” Page cannot be displayed”.
    I had tried changing the socket level and winnetleve capturing but no luck.

    This isuue regarding IE browser.Currently I am using IE 8.0 .
    The code is generating after the completion of recording but code of login page.
    as I mentioned above, I had tried socket level and winnetleve capturing but no luck.

  21. Hi folks,
    In 11.0 version i’m unable generate events while recording with web tours application .And i tried out with above given solution in blog .one more thing before it is used to generate the events with IE 8. And i tried with many options if any one know about this issue please let me know.i’m not new to this tool( load runner) since i have been working from 2011.

    Thanks in advance to every one


  22. As an advanced question that I have been having trouble finding the answer too……. In the VuGen Recording Levels Overview (VuGen > Working with VuGen > Recording Options > Recording Levels Overview) help file, there is the following paragraph:

    “You can switch recording levels and advanced recording options while recording, provided that you are not recording a multi-protocol script. The option of combining recording levels is available to advanced users for performance testing.”

    I have had this option enabled in a very older version of LR and was a additional line added in the INI file, but for the life of me, I do not remember the line to add or find any more documentation (ver 11.52) for this feature. For those who have never used or seen this, it adds another button to the floating recording options toolbar giving access to the recording options so you can change your recording levels on the fly (very important capability when recording web scripts).

    Thomas Johnson

  23. Hi All,

    i am currently using Loadrunner vugen 11.0 which is installed on a 64 bit machine with windows 7 as OS.
    i need to record a thick client application.but vugen is not generating/recording any events in this case.i am using com/dcom protocol & added the respective dll file systems also.
    please help me on this….

    1. Hi Venkat,

      It sounds like that the COM/DCOM protocol is not suitable for your application. I recommend trying the “Protocol Advisor” to see what protocols might work. Understanding the architecture will help in selecting a protocol. If you can’t find a protocol you might want to consider using a remote access protocol such as RDP or Citrix; however appropriate test infrastructure will be required to support those protocols.

      Thanks, Nick

  24. Hi Nick,
    Thank you for your suggestion. i too suspect the OS as i tried all the tips and tricks to resolve the issue but no success.
    We are migrating to BSM shortly. It would not be a problem anymore.
    Thanks again :-)

    Suresh Kumar.

    1. Hi Suresh,

      I suspect the problem is the use of a 64-bit OS with VuGen 9.1. VuGen 9.1 is only officially supported on 32-bit operating systems.
      However, you could try using a 32-bit version of Internet Explorer (this should be located in the Program Files (x86) directory). Task Manager should show you which processes are 32-bit as they will be tagged with (x86).

      Failing that try a 32-bit OS. In addition, I recommend upgrading to a newer version of VuGen/BPM, as V9.1 is very old.

      Good luck,

  25. Hello,
    I am facing recording issue with IE that it is not launching and recording envet count remains “0” when i start recording the Web (HTTP/HTML) script.
    The following are the version details of os, IE and VUGen.
    OS : Windows server 2003 R2 standard X64 Edition
    VUGen : 9.10 Build 2451
    IE : 7
    BPM : 7.53
    BAC : 7.55
    Please let me know if this combination(OS, IE, VUGen) is compatible or not.
    Thanks in advence.

    Suresh Kumar.

  26. I use VuGen 11.04 to record Flex application. I select AMF, Flex and Web protocols. Flex Serialize Objects Using is set to “Custom Java Classes”. After recording is done and VuGen is generating script it (VuGen) crushes and restarts. This occurs even if no jar files specified. Without serialization (Do not serialize externalizable objects) it records everything fine, but amf requests are binary (as they are should be without serialization).

    1. Hi Evgeniy,

      Great Question! The AMF Flex Protocol (and the Java-Over-HTTP protocol) can be a little tricky to record.

      I recommend trying:

      1. Ensure that the jar’s you are using are exact copies of the ones from the application server itself. There are sometimes slight protocol variations that can break the recording process.
      2. Secondly (and this one is more likely), the JRE (Java Runtime Environment) that is shipped with VuGen is rather old. It has been updated in version 11.52 but VuGen 11.0x comes with JRE 1.5. It is likely that the JAR’s are not compatible with this JRE version. To resolve this:
        • 1. Close VuGen.
        • 2. Backup the existing JRE directory (in the LoadRunner installation folder).
        • 3. Download a new JRE from the Oracle(Sun) website. Because of compatibility issues you won’t be able to use the newer JRE 1.6 versions (and JRE 1.7 won’t work at all). I’ve had the most success with JRE 1.6.0 Update 10 (getting the zip package is recommended).
        • 4. Copy the new JRE into the LoadRunner installation directory, so it replaces the old one.
        • 5. Fire up VuGen, and try another recording.

      I hope that helps.


  27. i m trying to launch my web application from IE8, n i m using 8.1 loadrunner, it takes toooo much time to launch n then shows error msg as: actions with red cross in vugen pop-up.

    how to solve this issue….?

    1. I would suggest that you try the following:
      1. disable DEP (Data Execution Prevention). This sometimes causes problems.
      2. disable anti-virus
      3. upgrade to a more recent version of LoadRunner. You are using a *very* old version. The latest version is 11.51.


      1. Hi Stuart, I am facing Firefox(v 3.6) crash issue with Vugen 9.52 while launching can u please provide any solution for this. Thanks in advance.

        1. It is definitely time for an upgrade. LoadRunner 9.52 was released in October 2009 and Firefox 3.6 was released in late 2010. If your company is paying their annual maintenance and support, then an upgrade to the latest version of LoadRunner is free.

          Here are some other options just in case you can’t upgrade:
          * record the website using IE
          * record using the old recording engine (remember to restart VuGen after changing the recording setting)
          * install everything inside a clean VM and see if it still crashes while recording

          Good luck!

          1. Thanks for the quick reply Stuart. I observe the following with the suggestions you have mentioned

            – My company is trying to upgrade it to latest version but it takes a while.
            – Able to record using IE, events are getting genearated and script is getting generated with normal sites like google.. etc.,
            – record using the old recording engine browser itself is not getting opened
            – when trying to launch the firefox I am getting crash message
            when I open a firefox browser already in my machine and try to launch firefox using vugen I am able to launch it but the events are always zero tough I am able to navigate

            – What are the things that needs to be checked if events are showing zero (with firefox) but with IE able to generate events and script.

          2. If you can successfully script with IE, then there is no need to record using Firefox (unless it is a Firefox-only app, but I have never seen one of those).

            The LoadRunner Replay Engine doesn’t care what browser the application was recorded in, as long as you have written your script so that it behaves like a real user. Cross-browser testing is for the people in the functional testing team. :)

  28. Doing scripting for Japanese application. Its not taking recording Japanese character as i entered. what to do,
    while doing scripting for japanese application and how to handle japanese langauge. LR m/c OS is Japanese only.

      1. Wonder why I didn’t face any problems when recording Chinese charters for a web as well as a desktop (SQL and Oracle 2 tier protocol) scripts. It recorded chinese characters right into the script and I could parametrize them as well.
        Though never worked with Japanese.

  29. Currently we have a application . And this application travels through multiple https pages while it navigates through different transactions.
    But while recording through Web (HTTP/HTML , IE 7) on LR 9.5 I’m not able to capture https trafics through vUgen , it only shows the http calls.

    Please suggest me , what can be the pre-setting or any other options I can try , so that I will able to capture the https calls through vUgen.

  30. Hi Nick,
    I’m from the LoadRunner R&D at HP Software.
    First of all – great job with this post, you’re helping us to enrich our support knowledge base.
    As to the IE10 compliance, we’re currently working on it (alongside the Windows8 compliance and alignment with other new technologies) and hoping to provide it in one of our coming releases.

  31. Another trap that one should look out for is, when using Vugen on a 64bit OS, be sure to point Vugen to the 32bit version of Internet Explorer (C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe) in your recording settings. Otherwise, Vugen will simply fail to launch IE and it will appear to be hung.

  32. Forgot to add, that i also have tried this patch “PC952P006_Support_IE8.exe” but get the same error message

  33. Hi Nick,

    I like the consise guide that you have provided, but i have a problem that i can not find an answer to anywhere, not even HP!
    I have VuGen 9.5, upgraded to 9.52 through 9.51 I have the IE8 patch (LR_03019.EXE) downloaded from HP but when i run it i get the error message

    “the upgrade patch can not be installed by the windows installer service, because the program to be upgraded may be missing or the upgrade patch may upgrade a different version of the program”

    Would you know if this is the correct patch? It is the only one i can find on the HP support site for LR. If this is incorrect do you know of anywhere that i could download it from?

    Thanks in advance

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