Ensure a great customer experience by seeing the complete application performance picture with AppDynamics.

Analyse your digital business performance in real time

AppDynamics empowers today’s businesses with smart, adaptive tools to analyse digital business performance in real-time and in production. Their Application Intelligence Platform provides the ability to proactively manage the most complex software environments through real-time monitoring and insights with the ability to automate the resolution of problems.

A leader with vision

AppDynamics has been named a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for APM for four years and continues to secure wins against both traditional and newer APM companies with its broad, well-integrated “application intelligence platform”. AppDynamics has also received the highest score in every APM use case in new Gartner research.

Why AppDynamics?

Auto discovery

Discover and monitor end-to-end business transaction performance

Deep code visibility

Monitor production apps at code-level depth with minimal overhead

Customer experience

Provide exceptional customer experience while gaining greater visibility

Smart alerts

Automated dynamic baselining and alerting

Broad coverage

Industry’s broadest coverage of languages and technologies

JDS Capabilities With AppDynamics

Deliver great customer experiences

Our goal with APM is to help you deliver great experiences to your customers. Our AppDynamics experts are also performance experts, allowing us to leverage APM across your design, development, and testing lifecycle, as well as in production.

Get APM done right

Let our APM gurus guide you through APM strategy development, business value identification, and product selection, then have us deliver on that with implementation of the tool and induction into your teams.

Solve problems fast

AppDynamics provides great deep-dive diagnostics to tell you where problems are occurring. We can do the leg-work of interpreting this information and taking action to solve problems quickly.

Operations Ensure it’s working 24/7

Our capabilities go beyond implementation. Let us ensure AppDynamics is running smoothly for you. Have our monitoring experts provide you with proactive analysis and reporting so you can focus on delivery and execution.

Provide context to your data

JDS gives greater business context to your data by interpreting the wealth of AppDynamics data through proprietary business dashboards. Representation of key performance indicators simplifies and improves operational management.

Get a multi-disciplined approach

All of our consultants work in multiple fields that relate to APM, including performance testing, operations management, and service management. We take pride in our ability to ‘ensure it works’—this is more than just installing a tool.

Why choose JDS?

JDS is a leading IT solutions provider and systems integrator, with expertise across industry-leading tools such as AppDynamics, Splunk, ServiceNow, Atlassian, Micro Focus, New Relic One, SAP, and more. We provide local, skilled, and responsive services to support IT projects and operations. Bringing together expert services, the latest technology, and best practices, JDS achieves improved IT outcomes for businesses. We do this by giving independent advice, providing training and ongoing support, and implementing IT testing, monitoring, and management solutions.

We have a team of certified and award-winning AppDynamics technical experts who are setting the standard for APM implementation and operation in Australia. Do more than just deploy a fancy tool – implement it right, get it integrated into your daily IT life, and have it deliver on everything it promises.

JDS certifications include:

  • AppDynamics Enablement Partner Programme (AEPP) approved: JDS is approved to deliver Technical Enablement and Training to customers

  • AppDynamics Enablement Subcontractor (AES) approved: JDS is currently the only Australian partner approved to perform subcontracted enablement work under AppDynamics’ paper

  • AppDynamics in Action for Java and .NET: JDS is proficient in the deep-dive configuration and use of AppDynamnics, particularly for Java and .NET

  • AppDynamics Java Application Mastery: JDS is proficient in configuring complex Java applications and environments where the automatic discovery/config features do not apply

  • AppDynamics Presales Engineer certified: JDS has proven technical capabilities in running and configuring AppDynamics

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