modern incident response

Improve customer experience with Modern Incident Response

Time is the enemy. This could be said for many things in life, but for businesses that are experiencing a …
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Visualise and consolidate your data with SAP PowerConnect for Splunk

SAP systems can be complex. If you have multiple servers and operating systems across different data centres and the cloud, …
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breaking down silos

Breaking down silos to create an enterprise capability

Traditionally, IT manages services in silos (networks, servers, databases, security, etc), which inevitably leads to an incomplete picture when things …
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AIOps header

What is AIOps?

Gartner has coined another buzz word to describe the next evolution of ITOM solutions. AIOps uses the power of Machine …
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expert IT support

Five ways your business may benefit from expert IT support

If you already have a stellar in-house technical team, why should you look for expert IT support? There are many …
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benefits of JDS active robot monitoring

Top 7 benefits of JDS Active Robot Monitoring

JDS has spent a lot of time this month showing how our bespoke synthetic monitoring solution, Active Robot Monitoring with …
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real-user and synthetic monitoring

Why businesses should do real-user and synthetic monitoring

Synthetic monitoring simulates business transactions against production applications at set intervals, providing consistent, predictable measurements used to understand application performance …
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ServiceNow performance testing

The benefits of performance testing ServiceNow

First things first… What is performance testing? Performance testing ensures your platform and custom code perform under expected production loads …
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Your organisation deserves a good dashboard (and here’s why)

Cars cost a lot of money, and when a driver gets behind the wheel, they want to know that every …
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The Splunk Gardener

The Splunk wizards at JDS are a talented bunch, dedicated to finding solutions—including in unexpected places. So when Sydney-based consultant …
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CAUDIT Analysis Part 3: Learning Analytics

CAUDIT Analysis Part 3 View Part 1 Here
View Part 2 Here Since 2006, the Council of Australian University Directors …
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CAUDIT Analysis Part 2: Educational Technology

CAUDIT Analysis Part 2 View Part 1 Here
View Part 3 Here Since 2006, the Council of Australian University Directors …
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